6.5 Rules - Specific Standards

​​​​​​​​6.5.1 Alterations and Additions to Existing Buildings

​​a)Building alterations and additions shall either: ​
​i.Not be visible from any public space, or
​ii.Not result in more than 25m2 of additional gross floor area to the existing building

6.5.2 Rototuna Western Neighbourhood Centre

There shall be:

a) A maximum individual gross floor area of 250m2 for each office activity.​
b​ A maximu​m individual gross floor area of 250m2 for each education and training facility.​
c) A front building setback of 10m maximum when fronting an arterial transport corridor.​
d) No service areas within the front building setback or forward of the front building line.​
e)​ A minimum​ of 50% of the ground floor wall of any activity facing the road/ transport corridor or public space shall consist of clear glazing and be capable of displaying goods and services.​

6.5.3 Rotokauri Suburban Centre Primary Frontage Interface

​a) For buildings within the ​​​primary frontage as defined in Volume 2, Appendix 2, Figure 2-13 Rotokauri Suburban Centre Concept Plan:​
i.​ Buildings shall include a minimum of two storeys of usable floor space.​
ii.​ The width of any ground floor tenancy shall not exceed a maximum of 1.5 times the height of the building above that tenancy. For the purposes of this standard, tenancy is defined as ‘the gross floor area occupied by way of exclusive use by a tenant and includes both freehold and leasehold areas’.​
iii.​ A minimum of 75% of the ground floor wall facing the main shopping street, as defined in the Rotokauri Suburban Centre Concept Plan set out in Volume 2, Appendix 2, Figure 2-13, shall be of clear glass and capable of being used for displaying goods and services to passing pedestrians.​
iv.​ A continuous veranda not less than 2.5m deep shall be provided which extends along the full street frontage, except that no veranda over a footpath may encroach to within 600mm from the kerb.​
b)​ There shall be no vehicle access or parking within the primary frontage area.​

6.5.4 Ancillary Retail and Office activity in the Frankton Commercial Fringe Zone​

a)When combined, the total area of ancillary office and ancillary retail activity shall not occupy more than the equivalent of 50% of the gross floor area of the principal activity on the site. 

6.5.5 Ancillar​y Office for Yard-based Activities in the Frankton Commercial Fringe Zone​

a)Where the principal activity is wholly or partly yard-based in nature the following may apply as an alternative, but not in addition to, 6.5.3
​i.Ancillary office activity shall not occupy more than 250m2 or 10% of the Yard Area of the principal yard-based activity on the site, whichever is the lesser. 

6.5.6 Hom​e-based Business in the Frankton Living Area​

a)If an activity does not comply with all of the standards specified, it is not a home-based business. Home-based businesses shall:
​i.Not employ more than 1 person who does not reside on the site.
​ii.​Not exceed 30% of the total gross floor area of buildings on the site.
​iii.​Not generate any trips by a heavy motor vehicle.
​iv.Not generate vehicle trips or pedestrian traffic between 2000 to 0800 hours.​
​v.​Not display any indication of the activity from outside the site including the display or storage of materials, except for permitted signs.
​vi.​Retail only those goods which have been manufactured, repaired, renovated or otherwise produced on the site.
​vii.​Not create electrical interference with television and radio sets or other types of receivers in adjacent residential units.
​viii.​Not generate nuisances, including smoke, noise, dust, vibration, glare, and other noxious or dangerous effects – these shall be measured at the boundaries of the site.
​ix.​Have only one sign with a maximum area of 0.6m², a maximum dimension of 1m and having no part higher than 2m above the adjacent ground level. The sign must be attached to either a fence, wall or building.​

6.5.7  Office and r​etail activities lawfully established and existing at 10 December 2012 in the Frankton Commercial Fringe Zone

a)Any office or retail activity permitted under 6.3 q) or x) shall hold sufficient records to prove that the activity was lawfully established and operating at 10 December 2012, including details of the following:
​i.The gross floor area that was being used for trading at 10 December 2012; and
​ii.The number of tenancies existing on site at 10 December 2012.

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