9.4 Rules - General Standards

This section is subject to the following plan change- Proposed Plan Change 6- Regulatory Efficiency and Effectiveness Plan Change​

​​​​​​9.4.1 Building Setbacks (Except in the Rotokauri Employment Area and the Crawford Street Freight Village​)

Building setback from​ Minimum distance​
a)​ Transport corridor boundary – local and collector tran​sport corridors​ 3m​
​b)​Transport corridor boundary – arterial
tra​nsport corridors​

​i.​Any building must be set back a minimum of 5m from the property boundary; and
ii.No part of any building may penetrate a building envelope that rises at an angle of 45 degrees starting at an elevation of 5m above the boundary adjoining any arterial transport corridor. Refer to Figure 9.4.1​​b​
​c)​​Waikato Expressway (Designation E90 and E90a)​
​i.40​m from the edge of the expressway carriageway for protected premises and facilities
ii.15m from designation boundary for other buildings​
d)​ Any boundary adjoining any Residential or Special Character Zone ​ 8m, except as follows:
within the Ruakura Structure plan where intervening landscape buffers shown on the Structure Plan map are provided​ 
​e)​Any boundary adjoining any Open Space Zone​3.0m
f)​ Other boundaries​ 0m/nil​
​g)​Waikato Riverbank and Gully Hazard Area​6m (applies to buildings and swimming pools)


1. For Rotokauri Employment area see 9.5.4​(a)i-v.
2. Refer to chapter 21 and 22 for objectives and policies relevant to the setback from the Waikato Riverbank and Gully Hazard Area.​

Figure 9.4.1b: Building envelope for buildings located on an Arterial Transport Corridor


9.4.2 Building Height

a) Maximum building height​ 20m, except as follows.
​i.​10m for that part of the building located within the Amenity Protection Area
​ii.​15m where the site is in the Rotokauri Employment Area​
b)​ Height of contain​er stacking for Crawford Street Freight Village​ Maximum 25m​
c)​ Height of lighting towers, poles, aerials, loading ramps, link spans, flagpoles, machinery rooms and cranes and other lifting or stacking equipment for Crawford Street Freight Village​ Maximum 35m​

9.4.3 Height in Relation to Boundary

a) No part of a building may penetrate a height control plane rising at an angle of 45 degrees (except for the southern bound​ary where it is measured at 28 degrees) starting at an elevation of 3m above the boundary of any adjoining Residential, Special Character or Open Space Zones (refer to Figure 9.4.3b).​

Figure 9.4.3b:
Height control plane for boundaries adjoining any Residential, Special Character or Open Space Zones 

9.4.4 Site Coverage

​a) Within the Amenit​​y Protection Area or the Rotokauri Employment Area​ Maxim​um 75%​
b)​ Outside the Amenity Protection Area​ No maximum​

1. 100% building coverage will not be possible given the requirements for permeable area, on-site car parking, vehicle manoeuvring, and landscaping.

9.4.5 Permeable Surfaces

​a) Permeability across the entire site​ Minimum 10%​
​b)​The minimum permeable surface area shall not apply in the following circumstances:​​​ ​ ​
​i.When undertaking minor works; or
​ii.For any change of use that would otherwise be a permitted activity and does not reduce the area of permeable surfaces below what already exists at 10 December 2012.  

9.4.6 Site Layout (Excluding Crawford Street Freight Village)​

a) No plant or machinery shall be placed on the front of the building or within any building setback (with the exception of machinery displayed for sale, hire, or plant associated with on-site security).

9.4.7 Service and Outdoor Storage Areas 

a) In the Rotokauri Employment Area no outdoor storage shall encroach into the side yard setback. 
b)​ In the Rotokauri Employment Area no  s​​ervice or outdoor storage area shall be greater than 10% of the gross ground floor area of the building. ​
c)​ In the Rotokauri Employment Area no  items stored outdoors shall exceed the height of any screen fence or screen planting or encroach into any buffer/planting strip required under Rule 25.5.3: Landscaping and Screening.​
d)​ No service or outdoor storage area shall be located between the front of the principal building and the major arterial road from which vehicle access is obtained (whether or not the site is separated from the road by a segregation strip or service lane). ​
1. With subsection d), yard-based retail activities (including activities identified in Rule 9.3(q)) and automotive and/or marine suppliers, are not outdoor storage activities.​

9.4.8 Provisions in Other Chapters

The provisions of the following chapters apply to activities within this chapter where relevant.
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