Flood Hazard Information in the District Plan

Flood hazard​​ mapping in the District Plan identifies only some of the flood hazard areas in the city and in some places has been superseded by more recent flood modelling.  The best available flood information produced by Council is published on Floodviewer. You can access descriptions of all flood information available for Hamilton and details about how to obtain it by clicking here.

You can view the flood hazard areas shown in the District Plan using our District Plan GIS ma​p viewer. Search by address, plan number, valuation number or road name.   

Council holds detailed information regarding design flood level and maximum flood depth and velocity for the flood hazard areas shown in the District Plan.  If you require this information in relation to your property, please email your request to districtplan@hcc.govt.nz or phone 07 838 6618.

Please visit the Flood Hazard Information Questions and Answers for an explanation of what the Flood Hazard Information means for you and your property, and how this information is being used.

The following technical reports support the flood hazard mapping and modelling:

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