2010 Amendments

The following PDF's contain only the 2010 amended sections for easy printing.  These sections replace whole sections in your manual.

Revision Register​ 2010 Revision Register (PDF, 44KB)
General Information​ General Information​ (PDF, 1.47MB)
Volume 1​ Part 1 - Planning​ (PDF, 3.99MB)
Volume 2a​ Part 1 - General​ (PDF, 4.79MB)
​Volume 2b Part 4 - Stormwater Drainage​ (PDF, 7.50MB)
​Volume 3a Part 1 - General​ (PDF, 5.71MB)
​Volume 3b Part 4 - Acceptable Fittings and Materials​ (PDF, 6.49MB)
​Volume 3c.1 Part 5 - Acceptable Fittings and Materials​ (PDF, 4.38MB)
​Volume 3c.2 TS 501 (PDF, 4.42MB)​
​Volume 3d Part 6 - Acceptable Fittings and Materials (PDF, ​3.94MB)
​Volume 4 Part 1 - General Checklist 1.1 (PDF, 1.91MB)​
​Volume 5 Waikato District Council Addendum​ (PDF, 6.86MB)
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