Part 4 - Stormwater and Wastewater Networks

Table of Contents

Standard Drawings
TS 400.1​ Manhole Top and Chamber Slabs​ (PDF, 225KB)
TS 400.2​ New Manhole on Existing Line Sheet 1 (PDF, 235KB)
TS 400.3​ New Manhole on Existing Line Sheet 2 (PDF, 569KB)
TS 400.4​ New Install Manhole Sheet 1 (PDF, 549KB)
TS 400.5​ New Install Manhole Sheet 2 (PDF, 642KB)
​TS 400.6 Shallow Chamber Manhole (PDF, 74KB)
​TS 404 Connection Details (PDF, 230KB)
​TS 405 Anchor & Anti Scour Blocks for Steep Stormwater or Wastewater Lines (PDF, 104KB)
​TS 406 Typical MH Top Construction (PDF, 300KB)
​TS 407 Class D Manhole Cover & Frame (PDF, 139KB)
​TS 408 Infill Bubble Up Pit Construction (PDF, 169KB)
​TS 409 Inlet and Outlet Structure (PDF, 252KB)
​TS 409B 100mm Diameter Stormwater Outlet Structure (PDF, 70KB)
​TS 410 Guidelines for Building Over and Adjacent to Drainage Pipelines (PDF, 218KB)
​TS 411 Stormwater Secondary Flow Path Treatment (PDF, 56KB)
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