Part 3 - Roading Project Standard Drawings

TS 300​ Terminology (PDF, ​141KB)
TS 301​ Roading Terminology (PDF, 92KB)
TS 304​ Normal Carriageway Camber and Construction Tolerances (PDF, 162KB)
TS 306​ Vehicle Crossing Set Out​ (PDF, 272KB)
TS 308​ Kerb and Chennel Profiles (PDF, 161KB)
TS 309​ Crossing Details​ (PDF, 106KB)
TS 310​ Cross Section Details for ​Footpaths, Vehicle Crossings & Depressed Kerb & Channel (PDF, 655KB)
​TS 311  Cross Section Details Associated with Kerb & Channel Reinstatement within Existing Pavement​ (PDF, 180KB)
​TS 312 Paved Pedestrian Cutdown Details (PDF, 159KB)
​TS 313 Traffic Island Kerb Details (PDF, 169KB)
​TS 314 Timber Edging Details for Chip Seal, Asphalt and Block Paving (PDF, 192KB)
​TS 315 Watts Profile Road Hump Details (PDF, 144KB)
​TS 316 Watts Profile Road Hump Details (PDF, 142KB)
​TS 317 Mini Roundabout (PDF, 94KB)
​TS 318A Paved Flush Threshold (PDF, 254KB)
​TS 318B Paved Raised Pedestrian Ramp (PDF, 266KB)
​TS 318C Concrete Raised Pedestrian Hump (PDF, 278KB)
​TS 319 A/C Transition Ramp/OGPA/Overlay Details (PDF, 216KB)
TS 320​ A/C Overlay V-Ramp Detail (PDF, 93KB)
​TS 321 ​Location of Subgrade Drainage (PDF, 135KB)
​TS 322 Stormwater Connection to Kerb & Channel (PDF, 66KB)
​TS 323 Pram and Wheelchair Crossing​ (PDF, 99KB)
​TS 324 Under-Kerb Access Details (PDF, 104KB)
​TS 325 Intersection Sign Location (PDF, 109KB)
​TS 326 Traffic Island Sign Visibility and Planting Details (PDF, 103KB)
​TS 327 ​Location of Street name Signs - Collector/arterial Intersections (PDF, 81KB)
​TS 328 Location of Street Name Signs - Local Road/Collector or Arterial Intersections (PDF, 127KB)
​TS 329 Location of Street Name Signs - Local Road Intersections (PDF, 81KB)
​TS 330 Knock Down Sign Installation - Collar Type (PDF, 94KB)
​TS 331 Installation of Road Sign Poles (PDF, 159KB)
​TS 332 Installation of Chevron or Route and Low level Road Name Sign (PDF, 114KB)
​TS 333 Bridge End Market Posts (PDF, 150KB)
​TS 334 Timber Bollards (PDF, 141KB)
​TS 335 Removable Bollards (PDF, 1.47MB)
​TS 336 Pedestrian Handrail (PDF, 100KB)
​TS 337 Pedestrian Barriers (PDF, 117KB)
​TS 338 Blue Rack - Ribbon Style (PDF, 125KB)
TS 339​ Roadmarking & Signage Details for School Kea Crossings (PDF, 163KB)
​TS 340 Flugal Flag (PDF, 190KB)
​TS 341 Flugal Flag Pole (PDF, 105KB)
​TS 342 Pedestrian Belisha & Floodlighting (PDF, 123KB)
​TS 343 Specific Street Lighting & Warning Globe Detail (PDF, 144KB)
​TS 344 Trench Reinstatement (PDF, 105KB)
​TS 345 CBR v Penetration Graphs for Hamilton Sand Silt Materials (PDF, 160KB)
​TS 346 Concrete Slot Crossings (PDF, 170KB)
​TS 347 Footpath Berm Catchpit Details (PDF, 211KB)
​TS 348 Catchpit Details (PDF, 174KB)
​TS 349 Double Sump Catchpit Design (PDF, 118KB)
TS 350​ Aluminium Symbols for Catchpits (PDF, 49KB)
​TS 351 Vertical Entry Catchpit (PDF, 119KB)
​TS 352 Parking Meter Poles (PDF, 121KB)
​TS 353 Overhead Directional Sign Standard (PDF, 350KB)
​TS 354 Overhead Directional Sign Gantry (PDF, 394KB)
​TS 355 Overhead Directional Sign Gantry (PDF, 414KB)
TS 356​ Overhead Directional Sign Gantry (PDF, 400KB)
​TS 357 Sign Gantry Details (PDF, 476KB)
​TS 358 ​Attachment of Street Name Sign Blades to Poles (PDF, 226KB)
​TS 359 Street Name Signs at Signalised Intersections (PDF, 115KB)
TS 360​ NB 100, 80, 65, 50 Pole Foundations (PDF, 130KB)
​TS 361 Low Level Timber Barrier (PDF, 106KB)
​TS 362 Knock Down Sign Installation Polyflex (PF1) (PDF, 94KB)
​TS 363 School Patrol Signs (PDF, 143KB)
​TS 364 Concrete Base Details for Steel Litter Bins (PDF, 130KB)
​TS 365 Edge Marker Post Areas (PDF, 1.81MB)
​TS 366 CBD Parking Sign (PDF, 47KB)
​TS 367 CBD Parking (PDF, 429KB)
​TS 368 Typical Advance Stop Lines Layout (PDF, 82KB)
TS 369​ Clearway Roadmarking (PDF, 79KB)
​TS 371 Rural Road Maintenance​ (PDF, 119KB)
​TS 372 Walkway Barrier (PDF, 223KB)
​TS 373 Ground Plant Mounting for CBD Type Litter Bin (PDF, 162KB)
​TS 375 RP5/RP6 Bus Stop/Taxi Supplement (PDF, 79KB)
​TS 376 Through Truck Route Marker (PDF, 68KB)
​TS 377 Street Name Plate (PDF, 60KB)
​TS 378 Traffic Controller Base, Signal Pole and Mast Arm Pole (PDF, 427KB)
​TS 379 Standard Dimensions for Stop Line Detectors & Corner Detail (PDF, 126KB)
​TS 380 Cycle Detection Loop (PDF, 77KB)
​TS 381 Fold Down Traffic Signal Pole (PDF, 137KB)
​TS 383 Traffic Signal Mast Arm​ (PDF, 126KB)
​TS 384 Soakhole Catchpit (PDF, 145KB)
​TS 390 Sockets for Removable Poles (PDF, 386KB)
​TS 391 ​Accessible Bus Stops
​TS 392 CBD Cycle Rack (PDF, 124KB)
​TS 393 Kerb Build Out Warning Sign Locations (PDF, 108KB)
​TS 394 Pedestrian Accessways Fence Detail (PDF, 76KB)​​
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