Part 6 - Water Supply

Table of Contents

A​ Acceptable Fittings and Materials​ (PDF, 85KB)
B​ Installation of Steel Pipelines​ (PDF, 37KB)
C​ Installation of PVC Pipes​ (PDF, 40KB)
D​ Installation of MDPE Pipelines​ (PDF, 40KB)
E​ Installation of Valve & Fire Hydrants​ (PDF, 47KB)
F​ Installation of Service Connections​ (PDF, 49KB)
G​ Shutdown Procedures​ (PDF, 53KB)
H​ Disinfection and Flushing​ (PDF, 52KB)
I​ Miscellaneous​ (PDF, 33KB)
J​ Works Completion and Clearance​ (PDF, 71KB)
As-Built Data Spreadsheets - Water Services (Excel, 62KB) 
Standard Drawings
TS 601​ Valve Indicator Details (PDF, 113KB)
​TS 602 Valve Indicator Posts (PDF, 68KB)
​TS 604 Toby Box (PDF, 66KB)
​TS 605 Toby Box Lid (PDF, 72KB)
​TS 606 Toby Box and Lid (PDF, 63KB)
​TS 607 Hydrant Box (PDF, 59KB)
​TS 608 Water meter Box (PDF, 56KB)
​TS 609 Hydrant Box Lid (PDF, 77KB)
​TS 610 Meter Box Lid (Standard Pattern) (PDF, 73KB)
​TS 611 Valve Box (PDF, 57KB)
​TS 612 Valve Box Lid (PDF, 70KB)
​TS 613 100mm Concrete Hydrant and meter Box Surround (PDF, 75KB)
​TS 614 100mm Concrete Valve Surround (PDF, 76KB)
​TS 615 75mm Concrete Valve Surround (PDF, 89KB)
​TS 616 Heavy Duty Concrete Valve Surround Base (PDF, 78KB
​TS 617 75mm Concrete Hydrant Surround (PDF, 47KB)
​TS 618 Heavy Duty Concrete Hydrant Surround Base (PDF, 73KB)
​TS 619 Toby Box Packer (PDF, 101KB)
TS 620 Cast Iron Valve Packer (PDF, 99KB) 
​TS 621 Cast Iron Hydrant Packer (PDF, 100KB)
​TS 622 Typical Network Layout (PDF, 122KB)
​TS 623 Sluice Valve Installation - Carriageways and Berm Areas (PDF, 172KB)
​TS 624 Standard Fire Hydrant Installation - Carriageway and Bern Areas (PDF, 211KB) 
​TS 625 Installation of a Riderman in a Cul-de-sac and Anchor Block (PDF, 138KB)
​TS 626 Flushout at End of Riderman (PDF, 127KB)
​TS 627 Service Connections (PDF, 123KB)
​TS 629 Multi-Service Connections (PDF, 174KB)
​TS 630 Standard Meter Installation 20mm to 80mm Pipework (PDF, 267KB)
​TS 631 Standard meter and 80mm to 150mm Force Loaded Double Check Valve Assembly Chamber & Pipework Details (PDF, 542KB)
​TS 632 Standard Meter Pit for 100mm & 150mm Meters (PDF, 282KB)
​TS 633 Above Ground 800mm to 200mm and Backflow Device Pipework Installation (PDF, 278KB)
​TS 634 Fire Hydrant Roadmarking Standards (PDF, 107KB)
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