Roading Projects

Part 3: Roading Projects

Table of contents

  1. Materials (PDF, 58KB)
  2. Testing (PDF, 66KB)
  3. Pavement Construction (PDF, 44KB)
  4. Ripping and Cement Stabilisation (PDF, 43KB)
  5. Rip and Relays (PDF, 27KB)
  6. Pavement Rehabilitation (PDF, 53KB)
  7. Grader Laid Asphalt Pre-Levelling (PDF, 36KB)
  8. Concrete Works (PDF, 55KB)
  9. Kerb and Channel, Catchpits and Subgrade Drainage (PDF, 47KB)
  10. Road Surfacing (PDF, 50KB)
  11. Berm Features (PDF, 50KB)
  12. Block Paving (PDF, 29KB)
  13. Road Openings and Reinstatement (PDF, 47KB)
  14. Road Signs and Street Furniture (PDF, 77KB)
  15. Roadmarking (PDF, 64KB)
  16. Road Lighting (PDF, 106KB)
  17. Traffic Signals (PDF, 117KB)
  18. Asset Details (PDF, 46KB)
  19. Traffic and Pedestrian Safety (PDF, 60KB)
Appendix 1.​
 37KB) ​
Appendix 2.​ Streetlighting Data Collection Form (PDF, 35KB)​
Appendix 3.​ Asset Valuation Data (PDF, 44KB)​

Part 3, Roading Projects Standard Drawings  

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