Volume 2 - Design Guide

Table of Contents

Part 1​ General (PDF, 43KB)
​Part 2 Earthworks and Land Stability (PDF, 59KB)
​Part 3 Roading Works (PDF, 181KB)
​Part 4 Stormwater Drainage (PDF, 473KB)
​Part 5 Wastewater Drainage (PDF, 330KB)
​Part 6 Water Supply (PDF, 80KB)
​Part 7 Street Landscaping (PDF, 71KB)
​Part 8 Network Utilities - Power, Telephone and Gas (PDF, 43KB)
​Part 9 Planted Stormwater Devices (PDF, 312KB)
Standard Drawings​
DG300​ Cross Section Details Typical Berms (PDF, 138KB)
​DG301 Standard Residential Privateways (PDF, 90KB)
​DG302 Location of Services in Streets (PDF, 149KB)
​DG304 Cul-de-Sac Head (PDF, 135KB)
​DG305 Off Street Parking Configurations (PDF, 116KB)
​DG306 Parking Space ​(PDF, 95KB)
​DG701 Typical Utility and Street Tree Locations​ (PDF, 167KB)
​DG702 Planting for Standard and Non Standard Road Design (PDF, 116KB)
​DG703 Planting for Non Standard Road Design (PDF, 165KB)
​DG704 Planting for Traffic Control Devices (PDF, 203KB)
​DG705 Planting for Traffic Control Devices (PDF, 150KB)
Checklist 5.1​ Design of Wastewater Pumpstations (PDF, 101KB)
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