Volume 4 - Quality Systems for Land Development

Table of Contents

Part 1: General
Part 1 ​ General Information​ (PDF, 37KB)
Checklist 1.1​ Final Site Inspection & Release (PDF, 79KB)
Checklist 1.2​ Pre-Construction Meeting (PDF, 43KB)
Part 2: Earthworks
Part 2​ Earthworks (PDF, 28​KB)
Checklist 2.1​ Geotechnical Assessment - Scheme Plan Approval (PDF, 83KB)
Checklist 2.2​ Geotechnical Assessment - Completion of Earthworks​  (PDF, 69KB)
Part 3: Roading
Part 3​ Roading (PDF, 54KB)
​Checklist 3.1 Basecourse Shape and Relative Height (PDF, 92KB)
​Checklist 3.2 Basecourse Compaction (PDF, 118KB)
​Checklist 3.3 Sub-Base Compaction (PDF, 105KB)
​Checklist 3.4 Subgrade Shape and Relative Height (PDF, 92KB)
​Checklist 3.5 Basecourse Compaction (PDF, 90KB)
Part 4 & 5: Stormwater & Wastewater Reticulation​
Part 4 & 5​ Stormwater & Wastewater Reticulation​ (PDF, 85KB)
​Checklist 4.1 Stormwater & Wastewater Pipe Laying Checklist  (PDF, 108KB)
Checklist 4.2​ Manhole Checklist (PDF, 53KB)
​Checklist 4.3 Trench Backfill Compaction Test Summary (PDF, 40KB)
​Checklist 4.4 Catchpit Checklist  (PDF, 52KB)
​Checklist 4.5 Final Inspection for Stormwater and Wastewater Drainage (PDF, 46KB)
​Checklist 4.6 Landscape Engineering Stormwater Device Inspection/Signoff Checklist (PDF, 50KB)
​Checklist 4.7 Landscape Engineering Stormwater Device Management Manual Checklist (PDF, 65KB)
Part 6: Water Reticulation
Part 6​ Water Reticulation (PDF, 26KB)
​Checklist 6.1 Water Reticulation Pipe Laying Checklist (PDF, 55KB)
​Checklist 6.2 Trench Backfill Compaction Test Summary (PDF, 40KB)
​Checklist 6.3 Final Inspection for Water Reticulation (PDF, 54KB)
Part 7: Street Landscaping
Part 7​ Street Landscaping (PDF, 33KB)
Checklist 7.1​ Street Trees & Gardens - Pre-defects Liability Period Inspection (PDF, 44KB)
Checklist 7.2​ Final Inspection - Street Trees & Gardens (PDF, 44​KB)
Part 8: Network Utilities​
Checklist 8.1​ Work Clearance from Network Operators (PDF, 44​KB)
Part 9: Appendices
Appendix 1​ Notice of Intention to Commence Development Works (PDF, 38KB)
​Appendix 2 Schedule for Agreed Corrections (PDF, 36KB)
​Appendix 3 Compliance Acceptance/Release (PDF, 49KB)
​Appendix 4i Certification upon Completion of Roads, Pipelines and Other Services  (PDF, 54KB)
Appendix 4ii​ Producer Statement - Construction (PDF, 44KB)
​Appendix 4iii Certificate for As-Built Drawings (PDF, 31KB)
​Appendix 5i Requirements & ​Procedures for Legal Documentation for Mirror Works Bonds (PDF, 36KB)
​Appendix 5ii Requirements & Procedures for Legal Documentation (PDF, 39KB)
​Appendix 6 Application for Acceptance of Water or Drainage Product for use in the HCC Water Supply Area or Drainage District (PDF, 48​KB)
​Appendix 7 Guidelines for Submission of Digital Data for Water and Drainage As-Built Plans (PDF, 36KB)
​Appendix 8i Subdividers/Developers Tax Invoice/GST Requirements/Asset Register (PDF, 51​KB)
​Appendix 8ii Subdividers/Developers Invoice/Asset Register (PDF, 51KB)
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