Volume 5 - District Council Supplement

The volume has been prepared as a supplement to the Hamilton City Development Manual which has been adopted, or is intended to be adopted in conjunction with future plan changes, for use by the following neighbouring district councils:

  • Waikato
  • Waipa
  • Otorohanga
  • Waitomo

The volume sets out general variances to the existing manual and/or additional design standards or technical specifications that should be followed for the installation of services in subdivision and contract works in the above district council areas. 

Each district council may also maintain an addendum to this manual setting out specific district requirements, and each district reserves the right to make a final decision regarding any of these standards to suit the individual practices within their district.

District Council Supplement

Download a copy of the Volume 5 - District Council Supplement (PDF, 970KB)

Part 3​ Road Works - Standard Drawings​
DCS301​ Rural Entranceways - Residential, Light and Heavy Commercial (PDF, 607KB)
​DCS302 Rural Vehicle Accessway Separation Diagram (PDF, 123KB)
Part 5​ Wastewater Drainage - Standard Drawings
​DCS501 Internal Drop Manholes (PDF, 90KB)
Part 6 Water Supply - Standard Drawings
​DCS601 Typical Valve Marker Plate (PDF,142KB)
​DCS602 Typical Water Meter Marker (PDF, 69KB)
​DCS603 District Connection Installation (PDF, 227KB)
​DCS604 Typical Network Layout (PDF, 101KB)

Waikato District Council Addendum

Download a copy of theWaikato District Council Addendum (PDF, 591KB)

Appendix 4​ Road Design Quality Assurance Checklist (PDF, 167KB)​
Appendix 5​ Parks and Gardens Asset Information Form (PDF, 2.1MB)

Waikato District Council Addendum Standard Details

WDC TSG-E1 Standard Heavy Commercial Vehicle Entrance - Rural and Rural Pa Zones (PDF, 538KB)
WDC TSG-E2​ Standard Commercial Vehicle Entrance - Rural and Rural Pa Zones​ (PDF 536KB)
​WDC TSG-E3 Standard Rural Residential​ (PDF, 532KB)
​WDC TSG-E4 Standard Paddock Entranceway​ (PDF, 284KB)
​WDC 01 Carriageway Trench Reinstatement Requirements (PDF, 51KB)
​WDC 02 Surface Reinstatement for Berm and Unsealed Shoulder Areas (PDF, 60KB)
​WDC 10 Catchpit Tip - No Waste Plate (PDF, 172KB)
​WDC 11 Waikato District Connection Installation Urban 20mm Pipework (PDF, 158KB)
​WDC 12 Waikato District Connection Installation Rural 20mm Pipework (PDF, 176KB)
​WDC 13 Multiple Connections for Urban Right of Way Installations (PDF, 174KB)
​WDC 14 Shared Trench Detail (PDF, 56KB)

Email Joan Whittaker for information on the Volume 5: District Council Supplement and WDC Addendum or contact the Hamilton City Council City Development Unit. 

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