Operative District Plan Maps

Zoning Maps

The Zoning Maps include Zoning, Designation, Overlay and Area information and contain the majority of the information provided in the planning maps. The General Maps also broadly indicate areas included within the Environmental Protection Overlay (EPO).

Environmental Protection Overlay - Maps

The Environmental Protection Overlay Maps provide more detailed information about the EPO. The EPO is comprised of six component layers, which relate to issues such as potential hazards and significant sites of indigenous vegetation. Each of the six EPO component layers are shown in detail on the Environmental Protection Overlay Maps.

Road Hierarchy Map

Roads and designated routes in Hamilton are classified according to the Hamilton City Council Road Hierarchy and are shown in the Road Hierarchy Map. The roads are classified as Major Arterial, Minor Arterial, Collector or Local according to the function of each road type. A description of each classification and its functions is included in Appendix 3.3-1 Road Hierarchy Classifications of the text of the Operative District Plan.

Hamilton Airport Protection Overlay Map

Hamilton International Airport is located within Waipa District, but airport noise and building height restrictions also affect land within Hamilton City. The Hamilton Airport Protection Overlay Map shows the areas within Hamilton City where building height restrictions apply (in land which lies under the airport's Horizontal and Conical Obstruction Limitation Surfaces).
To protect new residential activities and other noise sensitive activities, the Operative District Plan rules require that an acceptable internal noise environment is provided in areas within the Outer Noise Control Boundary within Hamilton.
The Rules relating to the Hamilton Airport Protection Overlay are included in Rule 2.6 of the Operative District Plan text.
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