Rotokauri Structure Plan and Stage 1 Rezoning


The Rotokauri growth cell is an area of approximately 1000 Ha on the north west fringe of Hamilton. It was brought into the city during the 1980s to provide for long-term development and city growth. At present it is primarily in agricultural use, with the majority of the area zoned for future urban development within the District Plan.

Council's growth model indicates that it is now necessary for additional land to be brought forward to meet the ongoing development needs. Maintaining a supply of zoned industrial land is a particular priority. To assist this process Council notified a new Structure Plan on 24 September 2007. This will serve as a guide to the long term development of the Rotokauri area.


"The sustainable expansion of the City into Rotokauri, through a coherent, integrated and people focused mixed use development based on best practice urban design principles."

The guiding principles for the Structure Plan are:
  • Meeting local need
  • Community facilities
  • Employment
  • Landscape and Urban Form
  • Connectivity
  • Staged Infrastructure Provision

Structure Plan proposals

Residential comprising approximately 485 Ha through the western half of the Rotokauri area. In addition to a general residential zone, the Structure Plan makes specific provision for Character Areas based upon Lake Waiwhakareke and the area's Ridgelines and higher density development related to the proposed neighbourhood centre.

Industrial comprising 270 Ha in two distinct areas. A general Industrial area of 170 Ha will be situated between the main island trunk railway and the proposed Te Rapa Bypass. To the west of the Bypass is an employment area of approximately 100 Ha that will fulfil a transitional role in stepping down the effects of industrial activity to ensure that adverse effects on adjoining residential areas can be properly managed.

Suburban Centre of 6 Ha to the west of Gilchrist Street forms the main retail focus for Rotokauri. This will be developed in 2 stages.

Major Facilities at Wintec will remain an important part of the Rotokauri area and provision has been made to enable better integration of the campus with the adjoining suburban centre.

Education provision has been made for three schools serving the needs of the local population.

Transportation proposals for the area include a new integrated, multi modal transportation network. This makes provision for new roads, public transport networks and facilities, walking and cycling routes and rail, including:

  • Te Rapa Bypass with intersections providing integration with the City's arterial ring road, including connection to a proposed new northern river crossing
  • Avalon Drive link via the proposed Gilchrist interchange
  • Te Rapa Road link via a realigned and upgraded Te Kowhai Road
  • A collector road between the proposed Neighbourhood Centre and a potential passenger rail facility in the industrial area adjacent to The Base.

Reserves covering approximately 140 Ha are distributed throughout Rotokauri. This includes the Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park, three sports parks, neighbourhood reserves and a neighbourhood green at the heart of the southern Neighbourhood Centre. Multi functional green corridors extend throughout the area and provide landscape and amenity value, stormwater management and off road walking and cycling networks.

Neighbourhood Centre Concept Plan provides more detail for integrating land use activities and infrastructure within the southern Neighbourhood Centre to the west of Gilchrist Street.

Staging of development and rezoning is proposed to ensure that development only occurs where there is necessary infrastructure to support it. The capacity of the transportation network has been a major factor in determining the amount of land that can be rezoned in advance of the proposed Te Rapa Bypass. Approximately 350 Ha in the south and east of Rotokauri has been identified as Stage 1.

Current status

One appeal was received on the final decisions made on Variation 18. This was resolved by consent order on 7 June 2011. The Variation now forms part of the Operative District Plan. For a copy of the structure plan map please refer to Rule 9.3 in the Operative District Plan.

For more information please contact the City Planning Unit on (07) 838 6810.

Council Decisions

At the Council meeting held on 21st and 27th November 2008, Council made its decisions on all submissions and further submissions made to Variation No. 18.  The decisions were publicly notified on Saturday 13 December 2008.
Variation 18 full decisions (including reasons):
Part One (PDF, 4.23MB)
4.1 Reserves
4.2 Green/Drainage Corridors
4.3 Stormwater/ Water
4.4 Transportation
4.5 Staging
4.6 Industrial/ Employment
Part Two (PDF, 886KB)
4.7 Residential and Subdivision
4.8 Rotokauri Suburban Centre
4.9 Schools and Community Facilities
4.10 Rule 9.0 Structure Plan and Text
4.11 General
4.12 Consultation
4.13 Place Names

Hearing documents

The hearing for variation 18 was held in November 2008. All submitters had the chance to present their views to council in person during the hearing. The hearing report is made up of 4 volumes. 
Volume 1 (PDF, 3.71MB) (comprises 4 sections):
Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Development of the Variation
Section 3: Analysis of Submissions
Section 4: Recommendations

Volume II comprises the following appendix:
Appendix A: Variation 18: Rotokauri Structure Plan (as notified)
Volume III comprises the following appendix:
Appendix B: Track Changes chapters of Proposed District Plan as amended by Hearing Report Recommendations (if you would like a copy of these please contact City Planning on 838 6810)
Volume IV comprises the following appendices:
Appendix C (PDF, 58KB): Section 32 Report: Update
Appendix D (PDF, 570KB): Summary of Submissions and Further Submissions
Appendix E (PDF, 58K): Index of Submissions and Recommendations

Public Open Day

A Public Open Day was held on Thursday 1 November 2007 at the Centre for Industry Training at Wintec's Avalon Drive Campus. This was an opportunity for interested parties to come along and ask Council staff any questions they may have had about the Rotokauri Structure Plan or Variation 18. There was a good turnout and overall the response was very positive.

Notification documents

Variation 18 was notified on the 27th of October 2007, a copy of the notified documents are available below:

Part 1 (PDF, 140KB) - Introduction to Variation 18 and proposed Policy changes
Part 2 - Opposed Rule Changes - these have changed through the hearing process. For a final copy see below or for a copy as originally notified contact City Planning on 838 6810.
Schedule of Changes (PDF, 23KB) 
Rotokauri Summary (PDF, 725KB)
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