Variation 14

Peacocke Structure Plan

The Peacocke area is approximately 720 hectares of mostly rolling agricultural land in the south of Hamilton City. The area is defined by the Waikato River to the north and east, Gainsford Road and Peacockes Road in the south, and Ohaupo Road in the west.

The area was brought into the city in 1989 for long-term urban development and city growth. There are approximately 620 hectares of land suitable for residential development with potential for around 7,500 sections and a population of around 20,000 people within the Peacocke area. 

Council adopted its 10-year Long Term Plan 2006-16 on 30 June 2006. This plan is Council's primary long-term planning document that outlines its contribution to Hamilton's development over the next 10 years.

The Long Term Plan has made provision for urban development within Stage One of Peacocke. Stage One is approximately 55 hectares and is located in the Dixon Road area, as shown on the Staging of Development Plan. 

The proposed Peacocke Structure Plan was approved by Council in September 2006, though further work has been undertaken to enable details of the Southern Links roading study to be incorporated. This will provide a more integrated and holistic picture of the area's transportation network. Additional information has also come to light on potential river bank stability issues.

The Plan has been updated to address these matters and was approved by Council on 15 August 2007. 

In order to give effect to the Structure Plan it will be incorporated into the Proposed District Plan. This will be done through a formal variation to the Proposed District Plan. Rezoning of land will occur at a later stage and be coordinated with the availability of infrastructure.

Proposed Variation 14 seeks to:

  • Incorporate the Peacocke Structure Plan 2007 and associated text into Rule 9.0 - Structure Plans.
  • Amend Rule 6.3.3 relating to the subdivision standards for Future Urban Zone in the Peacocke growth cell.
  • Amend Rule 6.9 - Staging of Development to incorporate Peacocke Staging Plan and associated text.
  • Amend Rule 4.11 - Future Urban Zone to incorporate new standards for urban development in stage 1.

Current Status

Five appeals were received on Variation 14. All appeals have now been resolved and the Peacocke Structure Plan is being incorporated into the District Plan. View a copy of the settlement document (PDF, 49.2MB).

Current: Peacocke Structure Plan map (PDF, 662KB)

Council Decisions

At the Council meeting held on the 9th of November 2009, Council made its decisions on all submission and further submissions made to Variation 14.  The decisions were publicly notified on Saturday 21st November 2009.

Public notice (variation 14 decisions) (PDF, 34KB) 
Index of submissions (PDF, 33KB)
Variation 14 Full Decisions (including reasons) (PDF, 1.14MB)

Proposed District Plan Changes



Stage 1 boundary (PDF, 344KB)
Structure Plan (PDF, 1.44MB)

For background detail on the notified version of the variation, and the submissions received see the information below:


A hearing to decide on the submissions and further submissions received was held in July 2009.  Copies of the hearing report and appendices are attached below:

Volume 1

Hearing Report (PDF, 4.17MB)
Structure Plan Map* (PDF, 907KB) 
Stage 1 Map* (PDF, 344KB)

*Note: These maps have been amended through the Council decisions at the hearing.

Volume 2

Appendix A: Index of submissions and recommendations (PDF, 33KB)
Appendix B: Variation 14 as notified (see above)
Appendix C: Track changes chapters (as proposed by hearing report)
Appendix D: Section 32 Update Report (PDF, 152KB)


Public notice (PDF, 565KB)

Full Submissions

Submissions 19-29 (PDF, 2.48MB)
Submissions 30-46 (PDF, 1.96MB)
Submissions 47-59 (PDF, 2.32MB)


Variation 14 was publicly notified on the 19th of September 2007, a copy of the notified documents and the submissions received are available below:

Structure Plan

Section 32 Report (PDF, 2.36MB)
Variation 14 (PDF, 1.60MB)
Summary (PDF, 107KB)


Structure Plan (PDF, 907KB)
Staging of Urban Development (as notified) (PDF, 1.19MB) 
Peacocke Aerial Photograph (PDF, 1.30MB)


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