Variation 15

Subdivision Connectivity, Heritage, Special Provisions in New Growth Areas and Miscellaneous Provisions

Purpose of the Variation

Variation No.15 will propose a number of changes to the Proposed District Plan that are designed to promote its accuracy and alignment with recent Council policy and approach. The changes proposed relate to the following:

  • improving the level of connectivity within residential subdivisions;
  • improving the level of protection afforded to different categories of heritage items, reflecting the fact that historic heritage has been elevated in the Resource Management Act to a matter of "National Importance"; 
  • removing the ability of large scale commercial developments to proceed as permitted activities within the city's growth areas; and
  • the correction of minor inconsistencies on the planning maps.

Who does this effect?

Variation No.15 was a city-wide notification. The proposed provisions relating to subdivision connectivity aim to produce better design outcomes for all new subdivisions which has the potential to effect everyone within Hamilton. Notification letters were distributed to households via the rates mail-out.


The hearing for Variation 15 was held in September 2008. 

Variation 15 Hearing Report (PDF, 823KB)
Variation No.15 (PDF, 86KB) outlines the proposed changes to the Proposed District Plan
Attachment A Subdivision Design Guide (PDF, 2.23MB)
Attachment B Miscellaneous Provisions (PDF, 109KB)
Section 32 Part A (Subdivision Connectivity) (PDF, 149KB)
Section 32 Part B (Heritage, Special Provisions in New Growth Areas and Miscellaneous Provisions) (PDF, 209KB)
Report to City Development Committee (PDF, 79KB) (August 2006)
Notified version of decisions requested (PDF, 183KB)
Summary of submissions (PDF, 224KB)


The decision was publically notified on the 22nd of November. If you would like a copy of decisions on individual submissions please contact the City Planning Unit.  

Current status

Two appeals were received on Variation 15. One appeal was resolved through an Environment Court consent order on 10 May 2011. The second appeal was resolved through a consent order on 1 June 2011. The Variation now forms part of the Proposed District Plan.

For more information please contact the City Planning Unit.

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