Variation 16

Ruakura Road Industrial Rezoning

Variation No.16 rezoned land on Ruakura Road from Future Urban to Industrial.

The changes included:

  • Amending Planning Map 12 of the Proposed District Plan, so that the land legally described as Lot 7 DPS 66853 (excluding designation 97) was rezoned from Future Urban to Industrial; and
  • Inserting a new provision under Rule 4.5.1(b) to require all activities on the rezoned land that would otherwise be a permitted activity, to be a controlled activity, with respect to vehicular provision.

On 20 June 2008 a hearing was held by an Independent Commissioner.  Decisions made regarding this Variation were publically notified on 27th August 2008. No appeals were received. The Variation now forms part of the Proposed District Plan. 

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