Managing Change and Character in Hamilton East: Variation 20

What is the variation about?

Submissions to the Hamilton City Council 2007/08 Annual Plan expressed concerns regarding inappropriate forms of development in terms of subdivision, building form, intensity of development, lack of design controls and the need to recognise the special character of the area in terms of its heritage buildings, streetscape and landscape. 

In respect of these issues Hamilton City Council prepared a variation to the Proposed District Plan for the area.

Current status

One appeal was received on Variation 20. This was resolved by consent order on 29 August 2011. The Variation now forms part of the Proposed District Plan. 


Council made its decisions to accept, accept in part, and reject the submissions and further submissions on Variation 20 on the 13th of August 2010. The decisions have resulted in amendments to the Proposed District Plan text as was notified. A schedule of Council's decisions is available below:

Schedule of Decisions (PDF, 2.34MB)
Summary of Changes (PDF, 1.39MB)
Amended Zoning Map (PDF, 318KB) 
Public Notice (PDF, 33KB)

Hearing of Submissions

A copy of the hearing report is attached below:

Appendix C - Section 32:

Section 32 Update (PDF, 213KB)

Appendix D - Summary of Submissions and Further Submissions:


A total of 102 submissions were received in relation to Variation 20. A total of 26 further submissions were received both supporting and opposing the original submissions.


The proposed changes to the District Plan were publicly notified as Variation 20: Managing Change and Character in Hamilton East on the 12th of September 2009. 

Reports and maps detailing the research and assessment undertaken throughout the preparation of the variation.

A character assessment was undertaken as a first step to managing change in Hamilton East. 

Introduction (PDF, 77KB)
Community profile (PDF, 51KB)
Issues (PDF, 80KB)
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