Variation 22

Amendment to Hamilton Airport Protection Overlay

Waikato Regional Airport Ltd (WRAL) have prepared a master plan to preserve it’s future option to expand Hamilton International Airport, which falls under the jurisdiction of Waipa District Council, in order to accommodate larger aircraft and attract airlines operating cargo aircraft to the airport. To be able to do this they have adopted a 20 year aeronautical master plan for the airport. Part of this master plan is the extension of the runway to approximately 2984m. To allow for the increase in the length of the runway the Outer Noise Control Boundary and Obstacle Limitation Surface for the airport’s runway will need to be amended. 

As part of the master plan WRAL have established new noise boundaries for the Hamilton International Airport requiring changes to the Hamilton International Airport Protection Overlays with in Hamilton City, Waipa and Waikato District Councils District Plans. 

As a result the three Councils have jointly initiated changes to their respective District Plans. HCC are preparing Variation 22 to amend the Hamilton Airport Protection Overlay of the Proposed District Plan (PDP). 

The current Airport Protection Overlay provisions within the PDP place restrictions on activities that can occur within the Outer Noise Control Boundary and also require activities sensitive to airport noise (Includes residential activities) to incorporate acoustic treatments into buildings to ensure that sound levels created by airport noise are kept to a pre-defined level. Likewise the Obstacle Limitation Surface restricts the height of buildings within a set area around the Airport to protect the operational airspace immediately surrounding it. 

The proposed Variation 22 amends the Hamilton Airport Protection Overlay to ensure that provisions within the Proposed District Plan are the most up to date planning mechanisms to manage the airport’s effects.   

Objectives, Policies and Rules

The PDP has a number of objectives and polices relating to both protection of airspace around the airport as well as recognition of the noise impacts of the airport.  The Variation proposes to remove or amend these objectives policies and rules to reflect the changes proposed to the Outer Noise Control Boundary and Obstacle Limitation Surface.

Outer Noise Control Boundary

The most significant change to the Hamilton Airport Protection Overlay will be the removal of the Outer Noise Control Boundary which was based on the 1992 modelling for the airport.

The new boundary has been modelled based on the latest acoustic modelling software and aircraft traffic predictions for the year 2030. This re-modelling has resulted in a revised Outer Noise Control Boundary that does not extend into Hamilton City.  

The re-modelled Outer Noise Control Boundary will now only affect land within Waipa and Waikato Districts.

Obstacle Limitation Surface

The Outer Limitation Surface in PDP comprises a “horizontal surface” and a “conical surface”. Both protect the operational airspace immediately surrounding the airport by restricting building heights. The locations and extent of these surfaces are reliant on the runway length. The variation proposes to change these surface elements to reflect the latest standards. The changes proposed are:

  • increasing the horizontal surface from 95m to 102m above the Moturiki datum, this horizontal surface extends 4000m from the periphery of the main runway;
  • and also changing the conical surface from a 1 in 40 rises to a 1 in 20 rises, sloping outwards from the edge of the horizontal surface to an elevation of 207m.

These changes to the horizontal surface and the conical surface reduce the overall area within Hamilton City affected by the Obstacle Limitation Surface.

The amendment to the Outer Noise Control Boundary and Obstacle Limitation Surface will involve amendments to the following Policy and Rule sections of the Proposed District Plan:

  • Policy 7.4 – Noise
  • Rule 2.6 – Airport Protection Overlay
    Rule 6.3 – Subdivisional Standards for Individual Zones
    Rule 8.0 – Definitions
  • District Plan Maps
    Proposed Amendment to Planning Map 20 – Hamilton Airport Protection Overlay


Supporting documentation

Hamilton International Airport: Runway extension and change to Noise Boundaries and Obstacle Limitation Surface.
Volume 1 - Schedule 3 - Amendments to Hamilton City District (PDF, 4.57)
Volume 2 (part 1) - Appendices*
Volume 2 (part 2) - Appendices*
*  Hamilton Airport Noise Contours Peer Review Please note due to the file size of the Volume 2 Appendices they are unavailable on-line. If you require a copy of these documents email or phone 07 838 6810.
The 2009 Amendments to the Resource Management Act introduced a number of significant changes relating to the legal effect of rules. It is important to note that the amendments only apply to rules and they do not limit or affect the weight that a consent authority gives to objectives, policies, and other issues, reasons, or methods in plans before the plan becomes operative.
Refer to section 86A to 86G of the Resource Management Act for further information.  

Current status

Decisions on Variation 22 were released on 10th August 2011 and no appeals were received. The Variation has now been incorporated into the District Plan.

Further submission information

Variation 22 was publicly notified on the 9th October 2010.  The submission period closed on 3 December 2010.

Council has now prepared a summary of all decisions requested by the persons who made a submission. This summary is now being made available to the public so that further submissions can be made in support or opposition to the original submissions. 

The Resource Management Act states that only certain people can make further submissions:

  • Any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest; and
  • Any person that has an interest in the proposed policy statement or plan greater than the interest the general public has; and
  • The local authority itself.

Further submissions closed Thursday 20 January 2010.

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