Variation 9

Variation No. 9: Amendments to Financial Contributions, Traffic Management and Miscellaneous Provisions

Variation No. 9 is the second in an ongoing programme of variations which aim to ensure that, within the context of established policy, the Plan is kept up-to-date, accurate and promotes the sustainable management of natural and physical resources within the city. 

Over time changes occur through the actions of Council, developers and landowners which necessitate changes being made to the Plan. In addition, the operation of the Plan brings to light minor errors or inconsistencies which require correction to ensure the Plan operates as effectively and efficiently as possible. Variation No. 9 recognises a number of these types of changes and in doing so promotes the accuracy of the Plan. 

The decisions made by Council regarding Variation 9 took effect on Wednesday 9 April 2008. No appeals were received. The Variation is therefore beyond challenge and forms part of the Proposed District Plan.

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