Waikato Expressway - Hamilton Section

Waikato District Council and Hamilton City Council have received Notices of Requirement from the NZ Transport Agency for Alterations to the existing Designation for the Hamilton Section of the Waikato Expressway (Designation J17 in the Waikato District Plan, Designation 90 in the Hamilton City Operative District Plan, and Designations E90 and E90A in the Hamilton City Proposed District Plan).  

Project Overview

The two Notices of Requirement relevant to Hamilton City are:

Alteration W – Greenhill Interchange Connection
Alteration W is located to the east of the Wairere Drive/Gordonton Road roundabout. The alteration is to change the connection between the Greenhill Interchange and Hamilton City, by designating a new two-lane arterial that connects the interchange directly into the Wairere Drive/Gordonton Road roundabout. As a result, part of the existing designation (which connects back into Greenhill Road) will be uplifted. Alteration W also involves a change to the interchange arrangement so that the Expressway passes over, rather than under the local road. In addition, the alteration involves widening around the designation to accommodate roundabouts at the ramp junctions and a stormwater wetland on the eastern side of the interchange.

Alteration Z – Southern Interchange
Alteration Z is located adjacent to Cherry Lane, Tamahere. The alteration results from a change to the design of the Southern Interchange, including the removal of south-facing ramps which provided a connection between the Cherry Lane area and southern destinations. Connectivity to the south will now be provided by the East-West Link Road, which is being designated concurrently with this process by WDC. Alteration Z includes some areas of localised widening to accommodate the interchange and cyclist/pedestrian facilities. Alteration Z also includes the widening of Cambridge Road from the Southern Interchange to just south of Riverlea Road in order to accommodate dual northbound and single southbound carriageways, and a pedestrian/cyclist shared path.

Designation Process

This project comprises of nine resource consents and four Notices of Requirements which were notified on 20 November 2013. Submissions close on the 18th December 2013.

All information for the Resource Consents and Notices of Requirement can be found on the Waikato Regional Council website.

In respect to technical matters pertaining to the designations and consent applications
For further information on the Notices of Requirement proposal, in the first instance, you should telephone the Hamilton City Council and Waikato District Councils’ joint contact, Mr Andrew Cumberpatch, at MWH on 07 858 7607 or by email at: andrew.j.cumberpatch@mwhglobal.com

In respect to Submission lodgement, Hearing organisation and its protocols
The Administration for this process and any hearings are being managed by Rice Resources Ltd, contact Mr Steve Rice on 07 846 5267 / 0211912346 or email steve@riceres.co.nz .

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