Who is standing?

IssueFirst NameLast NameAffliliation
East Ward Possum Allen
East WardMeleaneBurgess
East WardRobertCurtisIndependent
East WardDeborahFisher
East WardRyanHamilton
East WardHorianaHendersonIndependent
East WardPeter HumphreysIndependent
East WardGarrick Laing People Count
East WardRossMacleod
East WardMano​Manoharan
East WardSarkawMohammadIndependent
East WardChris​RollittIndependent
East WardMatthewSmallIndependent
East WardMaxinevan Oosten Independent
East WardMichael West

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Information for Candidates

Social media

​​Candidates standing for Council must understand and be aware of their social media presence for campaigning purposes at all times.  Click here to view the gui delines .

Council plans and reports

Read more about current Council plans 



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