Candidate Social Media Requirements

Candidates standing for Council must understand and be aware of the status of their social media presence for campaigning purposes at all times. The following requirements apply:

  • The Council's social media channels are not to be used by anyone (candidate or member ofthe public) for any campaigning purposes or electioneering. This applies to any channel owned by, or affiliated to, the Council (including facilities, partner projects etc.).

  • The Council's social media channels are apolitical during the pre-election period, i.e until election day and they will be closely scrutinised to ensure this is the case.

  • The Council will continue to promote general election material including enrolment, dates, times and voting reminders.

  • Candidate social media profiles identifying the candidate as a person seeking election cannot post to any Council social media channel (for example 'John Doe – Candidate for Hamilton East'). Posts by candidates in a private capacity (for example 'John Doe') cannot post to Council social media channels for the purposes of campaigning or electioneering on their own or any other person's behalf.

  • Any post, made by an individual relating to their own or someone else's nomination or intention to run for Council or election campaign will be removed immediately.

  • The Council's social media channels are actively monitored and content that breaches the requirements will be removed at the discretion of the Chief Executive, Governance Manager or the Communication Unit. No correspondence will be entered into regarding posts that are removed.

  • The Council's social media channels are:

Facebook – Hamilton City Council, Hamilton Pools, FMG Stadium Waikato, Waikato Museum, Arts Post, Claudelands, Hamilton Zoo, Hamilton City Libraries, Hamilton NZ, Hamilton Adopt a Dog, Garden Place, National Contemporary Art Award

Twitter – Hamilton City Council, Hamilton NZ, Hamilton City Libraries, Waikato Museum, Hamilton Zoo

Instagram – Hamilton Gardens

YouTube – Hamilton City Council, Hamilton Zoo

Neighbourly – Hamilton City Council.

Page reviewed: 31 Jan 2019 11:51am