2019 Elections

​Final results



​SOUTHGATE, Paula​13,452
​KING, Andrew 10,315
​O'LEARY, Angela​7870
​HUTT, Louise​2623
​WEST, Mike​2134
​CASSON, James1996
​LEWIS, Lisa
​GIELEN, Jack​375

​​East Ward

​​BUNTING, Mark​8342
​NAIDOO-RAUF, Kesh7772
​VAN OOSTEN, Maxine​7414
​FORSYTH, Margaret​7042
​HAMILTON, Ryan​6848
BURGESS, Meleane​6394
​​CASSON, James​6380
​SMART, Anna​5881
​MALLETT, Garry​5632
​WEST, Mike​5422
​YOUNG, Tim​5205
​BYDDER, Andrew​4595
MCLACHLAN, Andrea Jane
HILLS, Brad​​​​​​​​​4154
​DIXON, Tony​4039
​LEWIS, Lisa​3471
​REDDY, Krishna​3358
​GIELEN, Jack​​​​1517

​​​West Ward

​O'LEARY, Angela10,105
​GALLAGHER, Martin​9092
​TAYLOR, Geoff​7759
​THOMSON, Sarah6973
​MACPHERSON, Dave​6131
​WILSON, Ewan​5965
​HUTT, Louise​5885
​TOOMAN, Leo​4739
​HENRY, Siggi​4074
​HOUGHTON, Michelle​3633
​DU PLOOY, Rudi​3041
​SMALL, Matthew​3025
HUAKI, Melaina​3009
​MCNAB, David​2951
​DAVIS, Chris​​2826
​BOS, Peter Harry2312
​RALM, Shanti​2040
​HOLT, Geoff​1728
​SHEA, Matt​​​​1363

Declaration of results of election for the Hamilton City Council 2019 election

2019 electoral expenses

Electoral expenses are defined as relating to electoral activity which can comprise advertising, broadcasting or communication material to the public (electronically or otherwise). These electoral expenses are generally funded by the candidate and are not reimbursable from the organisation the candidate is standing for.​​

Key contacts

If you have any questions around elections, please contact the Electoral Officer or one of the other contacts below

Electoral Officer

Dale Ofsoske, Election Services
PO Box 5135, Wesley Street
Auckland 1141
09 973 5212

Deputy Electoral Officer

Becca Brooke
07 838 6439

Elections Manager

Becca Brooke
07 838 6439

2016 Election Results

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Find the results from the 2018 by-Election here.​​​​

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