Role of the Mayor and Councillors

Council's elected members are responsible for:
  • law-making (bylaws) and overseeing compliance to the relevant Acts of Parliament (eg, the local Government Act 2002),
  • developing and approving Council policy,
  • determining the expenditure and funding requirements of Council through the 10-Year Plan and Annual Plan processes,
  • monitoring the performance of Council against its stated objectives and policies (particularly through the Annual Report),
  • representing the interests of Hamilton (upon election, all members must make a declaration that they will perform their duties faithfully and impartially and according to their best skill and judgement in the best interests of the city),
  • employing the Chief Executive (under Local Government Act 2002, the local authority employs the Chief Executive who, in turn, employs all other staff on its behalf).

The Mayor

The Mayor is elected by the city as a whole and, as one of the elected members, shares the same responsibilities as other members of Council. In addition, the Mayor:
  • is the presiding member at full Council meetings
  • is responsible for ensuring the orderly conduct of business during meetings, as determined in Council's Standing Orders
  • advocates on behalf of the community. This role may involve promoting the community and representing its interests at regional, national and international gatherings
  • is the ceremonial head of Council
  • provides leadership and feedback to other elected members about teamwork and chairing committees
  • keeps the council fully informed of the activities of the Office of the Mayor
  • carries out civic and ceremonial responsibilities associated with the position of Mayor
  • represents the Council at Local Government New Zealand activities
  • ​Acts as a Justice of the Peace
  • Requisition a meeting of Council
  • Declare a Civil Defence emergency
  • Requesting the Mayor to attend an event
If you wish for the Mayor to attend your planned event/function please contact the Mayor's office with details of your request.

Executive Assistant to Mayor
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