Extra three months at Municipal Pool to cost less


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22 March 2012

The three extra months the Municipal Pool will remain open for will cost around $40,000 less, following revision of the figures supplied to last week’s Council meeting where the Pool’s immediate future was considered.

A checking of the figures has found the cost for staffing at the Pool was calculated incorrectly, and should have been $14,500 instead of $54,000 for the additional April-end of June extension. All other figures have been peer reviewed and confirmed correct.

Community General Manager Lance Vervoort says: “While this error is regretted, it does mean keeping the Municipal Pool open for these extra three months will cost ratepayers $40,000 less than we originally expected.”

This means the total cost of the three extra months of the Pool opening will be around $42,100 rather than $81,600.

Discussions with the Sink or Swim Pool support group is ongoing around arrangements for their assistance with reception duties during the three month Pool opening extension.

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