Give Way rule changes impact on busy city junctions


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20 March 2012

Hamilton motorists are urged to take extra care at four busy city intersections where the changes to the Give Way rules will substantially affect traffic flows.

At 5am, on Sunday, 25 March, motorists turning left at intersections will no longer Give Way to vehicles turning from their right.

Hamilton City Council City Transportation Manager Phil Consedine says although New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) is leading the national awareness campaign on the rule changes, Council wanted city motorists to be aware of what the changes meant for some of Hamilton’s busiest junctions.

Council staff have identified four intersections – including two particularly busy junctions – where the Give Way law change will affect traffic flows:

  • Memorial Drive-Bridge Street intersection: traffic turning left off the bridge into Memorial Drive will no longer give way to oncoming traffic turning right.
  • River Road-Te Aroha Street: traffic turning left from River Road into Te Aroha Street will no longer give way to oncoming traffic turning right.
  • Hukanui Road-Glen Lynne Avenue: traffic turning left into Glen Lynne Avenue will no longer give way to oncoming traffic turning right.
  • Bankwood Road-Clarkin Road-Heaphy: traffic turning left into either Bankwood Road or Heaphy Terrace will no longer give way to oncoming traffic turning right.

“We’ve identified these four intersections as those with the highest traffic volumes, and where motorists will need to really think carefully about what the Give Way rule changes will mean to their travel,” Mr Consedine says.

“One of our messages to commuters is to ‘turn off the auto-pilot’ when they’re travelling to and from work, and allow a bit more time for their journey.”

Mr Consedine urged motorists to show courtesy, and exercise patience and awareness at intersections.

“These changes are intended to improve road safety, and road users need to understand that,” Mr Consedine said.

Mr Consedine said changes to Give Way rules will also give road users a chance to reconsider how they commuted, and some people may use the changes as an opportunity to switch to cycling, walking or using buses to get around town.

Staff would continue to monitor the impact of the Give Way rule changes on traffic flows at city intersections, and if necessary, would alert the public to any planned traffic control changes.

The changes do not affect the use of roundabouts, Mr Consedine added.

For more on the Give Way rule changes, visit this page:

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