The Great Hamilton Toy Trade Fair


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15 January 2010

Kids – make some pocket money at the city’s first Toy Trade Fair in Garden Place next Sunday (24 January).

The fair is for children to sell or trade toys no longer in use – anything from dolls and books, to video games and trading cards.

The fair is part of the “Summer in Garden Place” line up of activities in the city centre this summer.

The idea was raised by Councillor Peter Bos, who chanced upon a successful toy trade when visiting his brother in the Dutch town of Oirschot.

“We walked into this village green and I said ‘what is this?’ There were hundreds of kids with their mums and dads and grandparents swapping and selling toys.“

“Kids were getting excited and prepare for weeks for this. It is a huge family day.”

Councillor Bos said children learned about basic economics through the experience.

“It teaches kids the value of money, they buy and sell, they bank the money. These sorts of skills should be encouraged.”

Businesses around Garden Place are supporting the idea, including ANZ Bank which is opening its Victoria St branch on the day especially for children to change or bank money, and open bank accounts.

Children must be accompanied by an adult for the Toy Trade Fair, 10-1pm on January 24. To get an information pack, contact Suzanne at Council, on 07 838 6799.

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