Bollards in Hood St to go


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10 December 2009

From 10 December bollards will no longer be used on Thursday to Saturday nights in the city’s entertainment precinct.

Hamilton City Council last night voted to stop the regular closure of Hood and Alexandra Streets with retractable bollards.

They were responding to concerns from business owners who say the bollards contributed to reduced patronage at bars and restaurants in the area.

The bollards, which have been used on Thursday-Saturday for the past year, can still be used for special events like the V8s, Bridge to Bridge and Gallagher Great Race - which draw large numbers of people to the city heart.

Chair of the City Development committee, Glenda Saunders, said councillors had listened to the business owners.

“It is about having an environment in which businesses can thrive, and also a safe place for people to enjoy the night-life.”

Removing the bollards will allow taxis and cars to move freely down Hood St for pick-ups and drop-offs.

General Manager of City Planning and Environmental Services, Brian Croad said City Safe staff will monitor Hood St to ensure a vibrant and safe environment is achieved.

“Council will continue to engage with all stakeholders including the police and business owners to ensure a good outcome for patrons, visitors and business owners using the entertainment precinct at night.”

Councillors have also asked staff to investigate reducing the speed limit to 30km/hr in Hood and Alexandra Sts.

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