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8 December 2009

Consultation on a new Hamilton District Plan begins this week with the release of the District Plan review's first public discussion document.

The District Plan affects all Hamilton residents as it sets out the rules and policies for how people can develop and use land in the city.

The Discussion Document is aimed at identifying the most significant resource management issues for the city which will eventually be addressed by the District Plan. It is stage one of Council's two-year review of Hamilton's District Plan, named Fast Forward.

City planning and environmental services general manager Brian Croad says, "The District Plan is a significant legal document which affects the day to day lives of everybody who lives and works in Hamilton.

"Hamilton has seen some big changes over the past ten years since the last District Plan was developed. The way we have come to think about what we want to happen in our city has changed a lot in that time too. So it is important that we work together with the community now to develop a new plan to prepare ourselves for the future.

"Based on Council's experience, the Discussion Document sets out what Council believes are the most significant resource management issues for Hamilton. It is a starting point for working with the community to identify what they think requires attention as part of the District Plan review."

Those key issues include:

  • Residential intensification
  • How could we provide homes for all of the additional people who will be living in Hamilton in the future?
  • City Heart vitality
  • How could we have a vibrant and successful central city?
  • Economic development
  • How could we encourage economic growth?
  • Character and heritage
  • How could we protect the structures and places in Hamilton that are special and unique?
  • Social well-being and recreation
  • When we develop in the future, how could we provide safe and enjoyable residential communities?
  • Transportation and accessibility
  • How could we get around better and more sustainably?
  • Environmental sustainability
  • How could we plan and develop our city so that we impact positively on our environment?
  • The river
  • How could we maximise the significance of the Waikato River?

Hamilton City Development Manual

The Hamilton City Development Manual works as a tool for influencing development, how could we make sure that the manual and the District Plan work best together?

Included in the Discussion Document is a short series of questions designed to encourage comment from members of the public. People who wish to make comment can do so using the form at the rear of the document or online at . The deadline for comments is 28 February 2010.

Mr Croad says, "Commenting on the Discussion Document is a good opportunity for all residents and organisations to shape the direction of the new District Plan from the beginning of the process. We'd like to get the community's feedback on the issues Council has identified as significant as well as any other issues residents think are important for the city."

Copies of the Discussion Document are available online at, at all Hamilton City Libraries or by phoning 07 838 6810.

At public information centres held early in 2010, residents will be able to wander through information displays on the key issues and approach staff with any questions they may have. The dates for Public Drop Ins will be confirmed online at in January.


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