Significant roundabout to be built early


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2 December 2009

Council has taken a significant step forward to improve the city’s transport system with recent approvals to progress the extension of Wairere Drive.

Council has approved the early completion of a $7m major roundabout at Crosby/Tramway roads.

It has also approved a contract to complete the detailed design of the next section of the extension from this roundabout to Cambridge Road, parallel to Tramway Road.

These approvals follow recent NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) approval to provide funding for the roundabout at Crosby/Tramway roads.

Transport Committee Chairman Dave Macpherson says Council is committed through Access Hamilton to completing the city’s ring road. Wairere Drive is a critical component of that.

“The section of Wairere Drive extension from the current works at Crosby Road through to Cobham Drive, has been in city planning documents for many years and it is pleasing to see that we are now a step closer to completing the city ring road.

“These approvals will allow the roundabout to be built earlier than currently planned and as a result will deliver immediate safety and traffic flow benefits for all road users including cyclists and pedestrians. ”

City Development manager Andrew Parsons says the roundabout will be built by the end of 2010 within the original contract period and will include some innovative design features.

“There has also been a lot of public interest and support for the early construction of the roundabout. The innovative design contains a spoked hub for pedestrians and cyclists within the roundabout with underpasses under the mid sections of the roundabout.”

The roundabout is designed to cater for traffic growth for the next 20 years and when necessary can be signalised to cope with additional demand. The design incorporates the provision for a fifth leg connection for a possible link to the Waikato Expressway and a corridor into the Ruakura area.

Construction of the section from Crosby Road southwards is programmed to commence immediately on completion of the detailed design commencing in 2011/12.

The Access Hamilton strategy sets out the transport vision and the approach to deliver a transport network providing affordable, integrated, safe, responsive and sustainable transport choices.

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