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29 January 2009

Hamilton’s boundaries are to be extended in the east and north of the city to cope with future expansion as part of an agreement between Hamilton City Council and Waikato District Council.

A comprehensive Strategic Land Agreement was signed between the two Councils in 2004 after extensive consultation with the community. The Agreement identified the future city boundary, the parcels of land to be transferred from Waikato District into the city with approximate future transfer dates. The latest agreement has finalised the timing of the transfer of two of these areas based on the adoption of the Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy in December 2008.

As well as providing for future growth in the city, by having the land as part of Hamilton, it will allow for better land use and long term planning.

The majority of the new land coming to the city has been identified for industrial and commercial use.

The agreement between the two councils will see the land and its residents become part of the city in time for the local authority elections in 2010.

The eastern area of land is a large part of Ruakura between Morrinsville Road and Greenhill Road, largely owned by Tainui.

The second portion of land to transfer is near the north western part of the city between the proposed Horotiu/Te Rapa Bypass and the present city boundary along Ruffell Road.

The transfer of land has been signalled as part of each council’s Long Term Council Community Plan which will be put before the public for feedback in April and May of this year.

Waikato District Mayor, Peter Harris, says the agreement makes better use of the land directly around the city and helps give clear planning direction about preferred land use.

“Our main aim is to protect the most productive farmland and plan and manage future growth to ensure it is not unfettered,” he said.

Hamilton Mayor Bob Simcock says the city appreciates its close working relationship with Waikato District Council which is enabling this positive outcome.

“The Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy indicated a change in the role that the Ruakura land could play for the city in the future. Cross boundary issues can be challenging so we thank Waikato District Council for their support and also recognise the impact of the positive work being done through the FutureProof process. Together they have enabled an agreeable path forward for the establishment of these critical future industrial and commercial areas for the city.

“The transfer of land between the Horotiu/Te Rapa Bypass and the present city boundary means that work can start with the Local Government Commission to ensure the affected ratepayers may be included in the 2010 local body elections for Hamilton,” says Mayor Simcock.

Mayor Harris says the District is talking to its communities about how to manage growth without putting undue pressure on infrastructure development or land use costs.

Both Councils will be discussing the agreement next week as part of their LTCCP (Long Term Council Community Plan) planning processes.

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