Passionate Hamiltonians vie for election


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2 December 2008

A record number of candidates will vie for election this Friday 5 December, as Hamilton's Council of Elders holds its annual election for the first time in five years.

Community development unit manager Olly Te Ua says, "Council are very pleased with the high number of candidates putting their names forward this year. Council of Elders plays a key role in the leadership of the city, providing Hamilton City Council staff and management with a unique perspective on issues and valuable community input into decision-making."

Members of the Council must be over 60 years of age and are elected for a two year term. During that time members submissions on a range of issues from long-term planning to concerns emerging within the community.

Te Ua says, "Over the past couple of years interest in the Council of Elders has dwindled for a number of reasons. But we know that the number of passionate and proactive people out there in the community has not.

"Attracting those people back to the Council of Elders has been a real priority for us this year and we are pleased to see that happening both with the number of new people standing for election and the number of people planning to turn out to vote.

"It is just as important to turn out on the day and vote for the people you want to lead you. We've even had calls from people wanting to bring groups in buses - everyone is welcome."

Election of the Council of Elders will take place at 10am on Friday 5 December in the Reception Lounge at Hamilton City Council. Any Hamilton resident present at the meeting is eligible to vote by ballot. There are five vacancies and 13 nominations have been received. Prior to the election taking place, all nominees will give a brief two minute overview of their skills and attributes and outline how they plan to contribute to the committee.

Names of the candidates up for election are available online at:

Name: Olly Te Ua
Designation: Community Development Unit Manager
Tel (Direct): 021 735 208
Name: Christine Watson
Designation: Communication Executive
Tel (Direct): 07 838 6509
Mobile: 021 791 264
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