Madagascan day geckos recovered after Zoo theft


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24 October 2008

Hamilton Zoo is delighted at the recovery of two Madagascan day geckos that were stolen from the facility last Friday night [17 October].

Thieves cut through three sets of chained and padlocked doors to gain access to the Zoo's reptile house, before removing the Madagascan day geckos, along with a pair of bearded dragons.

The Madagascan day geckos were recovered after a member of the public, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) and assisted with arrangements for their return.

Enquiries are continuing into identifying who was responsible for the theft and the whereabouts of the two bearded dragons which are yet to be recovered.

Hamilton Zoo director Stephen Standley was contacted by MAF representatives on Wednesday morning informing him that the Madagascan day geckos had been located, however at that time there were some concerns over the condition of the reptiles.

Mr Standley said the Madagascan day geckos now appear to have made a full recovery and Zoo staff are thrilled to see them return home safely.

"They are now back in their enclosure and look in good condition. We reopened the reptile house this morning once they had the chance to settle back in. We are still hopeful that the bearded dragons will be recovered as well," he said.

The reptile enclosure has been secured following the break-in and further changes are planned for the building to increase security.

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