Waikato Bequest Trust to provide safe haven for artworks


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4 August 2008

A Charitable Trust has been established in partnership with Hamilton City Council to encourage the gifting of art and artefacts, ensure steady growth in the assets of the Waikato Museum collection and retain significant cultural capital in the district.

The Waikato Bequest Trust will receive bequests and create a formal arrangement in which bequeathed articles such as art, money or artefacts will remain the property of the Trust in perpetuity and be placed on loan to the Waikato Museum for secure storing and use in exhibitions.

David Fowler, one of the founders of the Trust, says that unlike other main centres in New Zealand, Hamilton and the Waikato have not benefitted greatly from major donations or private bequests.

"The foundation trustees felt there was a need for this valuable cultural resource to remain in the region in order to be made available for the benefit of future generations. If we could offer a safe haven for private collections of art and artefacts, owners may be encouraged to gift or bequeath all or part of their collections with the knowledge their gift would be acknowledged and secure.

"Anecdotal evidence suggests there is a definite interest on the part of owners of personal collections to bequeath part or all of their collection to an independent body such as a Trust."

The first artworks have already been gifted to the Trust by Mary McIntyre and are currently being stored in the Museum collection.

Donations of money will be held in Trust and any interest generated will be used for the acquisition of artefacts of artistic and cultural interest for the benefit of the Hamilton community and Waikato region, and to aid the Museum in educating and making visual arts accessible to the community.

The Waikato Bequest Trust is an incorporated Charitable Trust registered with the Charities Commission and, as such, is subject to tax-free status and attracting tax exemption status for all donors.

The Trust presents a valuable opportunity for Hamilton to receive, care for and exhibit artistic items for the enjoyment of the public.

Hamilton mayor Bob Simcock has congratulated the trustees of the Waikato Bequest Trust on this initiative saying that their commitment to help retain and preserve our cultural capital is timely.

"Council is keen to support the concept and has entered into a partnership with the Trust whereby gifts of art and artefacts will be housed in the Museum, made accessible to the public and given the professional custodianship they need.

"Benefactors can now be confident their gifts and bequests will be secure in perpetuity, valued by the community and enjoyed for generations to come."

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