Liquor Control Bylaw extends to Te Rapa


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6 December 2007

A revised Liquor Control bylaw that introduces a liquor ban to the Te Rapa industrial area was adopted at last night's Council meeting [5 December 2007].

The Public Places Liquor Control Bylaw 2007 differs from the 2005 bylaw due to the inclusion of a clause that allows liquor ban areas to be added, amended or deleted by Council resolution. The bylaw also includes a list of six criteria that must be considered by Council before a resolution is made on any amendments, deletions or additions.

The introduction of the new liquor ban in the Te Rapa industrial area was supported by three submissions from business owners in the area.

Submissions in support stated that the introduction of a liquor ban in the area would assist in combating vandalism and mess resulting from alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour taking place in the area. A submission was also received from the NZ Police. No submissions against the bylaw were received.

Acting Inspector Karen Henrikson and Te Rapa Community Constable Craig Berquist spoke in support of the proposed liquor ban, expressing the need for more Police powers to deal with alcohol-related disorderly behaviour.

Ms Henrikson says that the liquor ban will be another highly valuable tool to deal with alcohol-related problems in the Te Rapa industrial area.

"The introduction of the bylaw in Te Rapa gives the Police the ability to search vehicles or seize alcohol as needed. It also enables Police to request people to move out of the liquor ban area, or arrest those who are breaching the liquor ban. This legislation is already is place in the central city district and works extremely well."

Statutory Management and City Safety chair John Gower says that the bylaw's new clause allows Council to respond more quickly to problems if they arise elsewhere.

"We had to find a balance which allows us to react quickly to issues of disorder but at the same time respect the rights of the public. This bylaw gives Council and the Police the flexibility to enact efficient, fair and timely intervention when and where it is needed."

Council will be communicating the new bylaw with 22 signs being placed around the Te Rapa area and will be distributing postcards through Te Rapa liquor outlets and taverns.

The Hamilton Public Places Liquor Control Bylaw 2007 comes into force on 13 December 2007.

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