16 days of activism challenges Hamilton


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22 November 2007

This week people throughout Hamilton and New Zealand are wearing white ribbons to show they do not tolerate or condone violence against women.

Hamilton's White Ribbon Day Celebration will take place in Garden Place from 11am-2pm on 23 November. The event will launch 16 Days of Activism - a series of events aimed to support abuse victims and encourage men to challenge each other on attitudes and behaviour that condone, support and tolerate violence towards women.

New Zealand has a high rate of men's violence towards women. Last year the police recorded 63,000 family violence incidents. In 2004 there were just over 3,100 convictions recorded against men for assaults on a woman and a 2001 national victims of crime study showed that close to one in five women experienced sexual assault or sexual interference at some point in their lives.

Physical abuse is the most obvious form of violence but many people don't realise that threatening and controlling behaviour, psychological and sexual abuse are violence too.

Addressing family violence is a critical dimension to Hamilton's Social Wellbeing Strategy. In co-operation with other key social development agencies Hamilton City Council is working towards the vision of a city where family violence is not tolerated.

Hamilton Mayor Bob Simcock says, "Family violence in any form is simply not acceptable. Respect, equality and safety are key to strong and healthy relationships and our children learn from us. We must set an example, show them how to show these qualities and how to know they deserve them."

"The community have an opportunity to reinforce these important messages by participating in the events taking place over the next couple of weeks."

Local musicians and Waikato Chiefs players Richard Kahui, Toby Lynn, and Mark Burman will take part in tomorrow's celebration, which aims to let Hamilton know violence must be addressed.

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