Voting is a piece of cake


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27 September 2007

Heavy mailbags arriving at the electoral office this week indicate a healthy early turnout in voting following the delivery of voting papers to households this week. While the bulging bags are encouraging, statistics show that voter response is slightly down compared to the same period in the 2004 election. On the fourth day of voting 7.2% of voters have returned their papers compared to 8.6% in 2004.

In each local election there is typically is a surge of voting soon after papers are delivered and predictably a last minute rush towards the close of the voting. Total voter turnout in 2004 was 45% and Electoral Officer Blair Bowcott says keeping awareness of the electoral process and the importance of returning your vote is a key focus for Council.

"The electoral process relies on our community's participation. Council members are chosen by the electorate, and the higher the percentage of the community that vote the better Council's representation is of the wants and needs of that community. Therefore our job now is to ensure that as many people as possible get involved and cast a vote."

A campaign to drive awareness of the election and voting process was launched today. The "Voting is a piece of cake" campaign is designed to keep elections top of mind and remind people that voting is so easy – so there's no reason not to do it.

The campaign will consists of a print campaign, Adshels (bus stop advertising) and an ear-catching radio campaign (mpeg and image attached).

A voting team will also be out and about over the coming weeks reminding people to vote by handing out cake in various locations in the city. Even historic figure Marie Antoinette joined the campaign today with her "Let them eat cake" antics approach to local government politics.

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