Fresh and innovative winners announced for Trust Waikato National Contemporary Art Awards


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13 August 2007

Giant fluffy objects, mounds of antique roses and sounds best left to the adult section of the video shop, are just some of the memorable moments from the 2007 Trust Waikato National Contemporary Art Awards. This year's winning piece, drawn from 200 entries and 29 finalists, will be the jewel in the crown of 2007's exhibition, which promises to be just as fresh and innovative as previous years.

The Awards is an annual event that refuses to shy away from controversy and promotes debate about what is fresh and innovative in art. "Winning artworks will, for another year, define the state of contemporary art in Aotearoa", says Waikato Museum Director Kate Vusoniwailala.

Awards' judge Dr Leonhard Emmerling has an international reputation as a curator, art theorist and historian. He hopes the works he selected "speak about the human condition in the widest sense."He describes winner Boris Dornbusch's work as both simple and complex. The work is based on the audio interview and clay sculpture pieces of a 25-year-old male, who was about to leave New Zealand. Emmerling says the sense of sadness and the power of silence struck him most about the piece.

"When I listened to the person's voice the person I listen to is gone, somewhere. Only an audio track left, and some obscure objects, a simple trace, an imprint of somebody's hands. What remains, are reminders. For me, this work speaks in a compelling and touching way about today, about the present time, about this place. This makes art valuable and precious –it offers us models for thinking in the present".

Past judges have included Mercedes Vicente (2006) curator of art at the Govett Brewster Art Gallery in New Plymouth, Heather Galbraith (2005), and Tobias Berger (2003).

In partnership with Trust Waikato and the Waikato Society of Arts, Waikato Museum is proud to present this prestigious contemporary art exhibition. Now in its seventh year, the art award has proven to be one of the most widely visited exhibitions in the museum's annual calendar.

Since last year the prize pool has increased from $10,000 to $15,000, thanks to the award sponsor, Trust Waikato.This year Printhouse, Villa Maria Wines, Canvas Restaurant & Bar, and Mighty River Power will generously support the opening event.

Don't miss this opportunity to see the latest trends in contemporary art right here in Hamilton at the Waikato Museum. The 29 award finalists have been selected to exhibit at The Waikato Museum from 11 August until 11 November 2007.

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