Landscape work on V8 surrounds begins


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22 June 2007

Landscape work in preparation for the V8 event begins in earnest this weekend with the removal of trees identified for the development of the area.

Approximately 50 trees identified as part of the resource consent will be removed over the weekend, mainly in the Mill St and King St areas. As part of the overall landscape mitigation plan approximately twelve trees have already been transplanted and an additional twelve trees that were originally identified for removal in the consent will now be transplanted instead.

In addition to the transplanted trees around 300 new trees will be planted within the park and street environment.

Environmental planning and design company Boffa Miskell has been contracted by Council to undertake the landscape mitigation plan.

Boffa Miskell senior landscape architect Claire Walker says that the V8 event brings many opportunities for Hamilton's green environment including the opportunity to look holistically at part of the historic town belt.

"The town belt is made up of a number of parks and sports grounds. The V8 circuit follows the edge of theses parks and as such the proposed infrastructure will require the removal of a number of existing trees. These were approved for removal via the resource consent process and a number of conditions were made which required the formation of a landscape mitigation report. This report and resulting plans have provided the opportunity to look holistically at the race environs and make constructive steps towards the upgrade and planning of these spaces for future generations".

Boffa Miskell has been consulting closely with the Waikato Tree Trust as an outcome of their engagement in the resource consent application.

Waikato Tree Trust spokesperson Antoinette Vanderweerden says that the group was interested in the V8 resource consent application due to the unique opportunity to influence improvements to the landscape in the event area and to advocate the for the protection of as many trees as possible.

"We were interested in the V8 resource consent initially because of the number of trees that were being considered for removal due to the race. We also saw the environmental planning for the event as an opportunity to improve the way the city centre is linked to the outer parts of the city and to reinstate the value and importance of the greenbelt. We advocate the use of extensive indigenous planting and have encouraged their use in the reinstatement of vegetation around the event area. We have worked closely with Claire and the team at Boffa Miskell through this process and think the work they have done to date has been fabulous".

One of the more unusual tree's to be transplanted from the circuit perimeter is a Federation Palm that is growing on the corner of High St and King St. The palm is growing in the bitumen car park of business Sport and Uniform.

Sport and Uniform business owner Ian Johnson says that the palm was going to be in need of a new home within a few years anyway as the size of the palm would have outgrown its environment in the car park.

"We're really pleased that this valuable palm can be saved as part of this project and will be gifted to Melville Intermediate School. The school is a client of ours and they were thrilled when we came up with the idea. The palm will be transplanted by Council and will become an attractive asset to the schools landscape".

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