Bob Simcock appointed as Hamilton mayor


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23 May 2007

Bob Simcock has been appointed as Hamilton mayor at this evening's Council Meeting.

The Local Electoral Act 2002 determines that when an extraordinary vacancy occurs within 12 months of a triennial election, the position must be filled via the appointment of one of the current elected members.

This evening, nominations were called for and Mr Simcock was the single nominee put forward by his colleagues. Mr Simcock was then elected by a unanimous vote.

Mr Simcock's appointment created the subsequent vacancy for deputy mayor, which was filled following the nomination and unanimous vote for Councillor Pippa Mahood.

The vacancy for chair of the community and leisure committee was filled through the nomination and unanimous vote for Councillor Daphne Bell's appointment.

A formal declaration was made by acting CEO Graeme Fleming and was followed by the formal handing over of mayoral chains from incumbent mayor Michael Redman, who resigned officially on Tuesday.

Mr Simcock said that it is both an honour and great pleasure to be appointed Hamilton mayor.

"My appointment as mayor is a tremendous privilege. It was not something that I expected to be doing at this time, however I am delighted to be able to do so in the current environment and with the support of a unified and committed Council.

"The city has been in the fortunate position of having a mayor and council to be proud of over the last term and I intend to maintain and build on that.

"We as a group have developed exciting and challenging plans for the city through the Long Term Plan and it is now our job to ensure that we deliver on it and meet the expectations of the community.

"I am very pleased at Pippa Mahood's appointment as deputy mayor. Pippa has delivered many years of service to the city and has a strong commitment to the community therefore making an excellent candidate for the appointment. I am looking forward to working with the entire Council, the newly appointed deputy mayor and the new CEO Michael Redman. The Hamilton community can be assured that Council will continue to work in a cohesive and committed way to drive positive outcomes for the city now and into the future."

Mr Simcock paid tribute to Michael Redman's time as Hamilton mayor saying that it was a special time for the city as all Hamilton residents were able to feel very proud of their mayor, their Council and their city.

"Michael has many outstanding qualities including high intelligence, insight and humour, but it was his ability to use his utilise his well developed sense of values that enabled him to always make the right decisions for the city. His decision-making was never influenced by the desire to create popularity or profile. We should all aspire to mirror those attributes."

Mr Simcock assumes the full responsibilities of Hamilton mayor effective immediately.

Name: Bob Simcock
Designation: Hamilton Mayor
Tel (Direct): 0 7 838 6976
Mobile: 021 991 071
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Designation: Communication Manager
Tel (Direct): 0 7 838 6843
Mobile:  021 279 2338
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