Council to appoint new mayor this evening


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23 May 2007

A new mayor is to be appointed at this evening's Ordinary Meeting of Council.

Last week's appointment of incumbent mayor Michael Redman to the role of CEO has necessitated reference to the Local Government Act 2002 and the Local Electoral Act 2002 to determine the path forward for Council leadership.

According to Section 117 to 120 of the Local Electoral Act 2002, when an extraordinary vacancy occurs within 12 months of a triennial election, the position must be filled via the appointment of one of the current elected members rather than through the evocation of a bi-election.

The appointment of an elected member must occur at an Ordinary Meeting of Council. Given the next scheduled meeting is July 4, it became appropriate that the appointment occur at this week's meeting, to avoid impact on the timing of Mr Redman's commencement as CEO.

Mr Redman submitted his formal resignation as mayor yesterday. Subsequently, deputy mayor Bob Simcock will chair this evening's Council meeting as acting Chairperson.

The process for appointment of the new mayor commences with nominations. If the deputy mayor is nominated, then he must relinquish the Chair for the vote and Council then nominate an acting chairperson for this item within the report.

Following the vote by Council, the appointed person is treated as having been elected to fill the vacancy of mayor once the resolution is made. A declaration is made and a formal ceremony that incorporates the handing over of mayoral chains occurs.

If the deputy mayor is appointed to the Office of Mayor, then the position of deputy mayor must also be filled at the same meeting.

Consequential appointments may then result in a vacancy of chair or deputy chair of one of the Council committees. This vacancy must also be resolved through appointment at the same meeting.

An announcement of the appointment of the new mayor will be made immediately following this evening's meeting.

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