Daytime towing commences in city


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22 May 2007

Cars infringing parking restrictions on city clearways and bus stops now run a higher risk of being towed.

Vehicles transgressing parking restrictions during the daytime have previously been penalised with a parking infringement fine. This week, Council will introduce active vehicle towing from clearways and bus stops to enable unrestricted traffic flow and to provide a strong deterrent for offenders. Towing had previously only occurred at nighttime from bus stops in Victoria St to assist the Night Rider service.

Tow trucks will be on stand-by in key congestion areas to ensure rapid response time.

Councillor and Transport Committee chair Dave Macpherson says that it should be no surprise that Council is getting very serious about transport in the city.

"Access Hamilton gives us a very clear agenda. Deliver a better public transportation system, encourage more people to use it and reduce congestion on our roads. Over the last year Council has made significant improvements to the bus system through the introduction of new services, more bus stops and more clearways to support them. If illegally parked vehicles get in the way of these services then the whole system suffers.

"Vigilant ticketing in these areas has not changed the behaviour of many, so an increase in towing should send a very clear message that private motorists and commercial operators must cooperate to reduce traffic congestion. Parking in clearways and bus stops is a selfish act and we have no choice but to remove the offending vehicles."

Clearways operate in the city in specifically marked areas between 7.30 - 9am and/or 3-6pm. Bus stops are citywide and operate up to 24 hours a day.

Towed vehicles will be removed to the compound of towing company Toad Away in Foreman Rd, Te Rapa. To retrieve the vehicle, the driver must pay a $120.00 release fee.

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