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11 May 2007

To help residents understand recent property revaluations, and their impact on rates for next year, a rating and property search has been made available online at the Hamilton website www.hamilton.co.nz.

Hamilton City Council has this week put its Rating Information Database on the website to help people easily and quickly access rating and property information about their property and any others. This follows last November’s three yearly revaluation of all properties in Hamilton by Quotable Value.

The easy to use property search database can be accessed from the Online Services section of the website, or directly via www.hamilton.co.nz/myproperty. Searches can be carried out by street address, valuation number or legal description.

A range of information can be found, including:

  • Current rates
  • Proposed rates for 2007/08
  • Current land, improved and capital values
  • Rates instalment amounts and due dates
  • 2003 and 2006 property revaluation data

The revaluation of all properties in Hamilton at the end of last year has seen land values across the city from 2003-2006 increase by an average of 130%. Land values have a direct link to the level of rates charged on a property however the total rates revenue  collected by Hamilton City Council does not increase as a result of revaluation.

Land values which have increased above the average increase for that type of property will pay more rates for the 2007/08 year than last year, and those with a lower than average increase will pay less rates.

The website will allow people to view their proposed rates for next year. Letters are also being sent in the coming fortnight to property owners who will have a proposed rate increase or decrease of at least 10 per cent, letting them know the change in their land value and proposed rates from 1 July 2007.

All ratepayers will receive their rates notice for the 2007/08 year in July/August once Council has set the rates as part of the Annual Plan process. An average rate rise of 5.47% (excluding the impact of revaluation) has been proposed.

Council finance manager Blair Bowcott says people want and expect information at their fingertips so it’s pleasing that Hamilton property and rating information is now available on the Council’s website.

“With the recent property revaluations in Hamilton now is an important time to have this information online, allowing people to find out their property’s new valuation and the impact of this on their proposed rates for the year from 1 July 2007.We are taking this proactive step to help ratepayers understand the major change to their rates this year is due to the three yearly revaluation.”

The proposed rates are an estimate only and will not be finalised until Council sets rates in June.

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