Extended water sprinkler restrictions due to high summer demand


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2 March 2007

A later than usual summertime has seen water consumption in Hamilton hit repeated and consecutive highs. As a result, sprinkler restrictions are being extended until the 25 March to help manage water demand.

The water sprinkler restrictions period usually runs from 1 December to 1 March. However, unusually high, water consumption has brought about the need to extend the restrictions.

Water and wastewater plants manager, Tim Harty, says demand usually peaks late January to early February. This year is unusual in that the demand peaked towards the end of February making it necessary to extend sprinkler restrictions into March.

“The average daily water demand in summer is approximately 55ML with a historical peak of 86ML consumed by Hamilton residents in February 2003. The daily water demand over the past few weeks has repeatedly exceeded 70ML at a time where it would normally be tailing off.

“To help raise awareness of the impact of water demand, Hamilton City Council and the Waikato Times have been running a daily update on water demand to encourage Hamilton residents to use water efficiently.”

Householders should only use sprinklers, including irrigation systems, on alternate days. Households with even street numbers can use sprinklers (including irrigation systems) on even numbered days and households with odd street numbers on odd numbered days.

Residents are also encouraged to water their gardens only in the early morning or the cool of the evening, when watering is more effective and damage to plants will not occur from burning of leaves. Handheld hoses can be used at anytime.

Water and waste services manager Barry Bergin says ordinarily residents know and understand the need for sprinkler restrictions and for those few properties, which are found to be not complying after a reminder notice they willingly and quickly do.

Alternate day water restrictions have been used every summer for the past 17 years. This has enabled the city to manage high summer water demand.

If residents have any questions regarding the water restrictions, they should contact the Water and Waste Services Unit on 838 6999.

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