Hamilton Zoo to host family reunion


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27 February 2007

Hamilton Zoo is set to welcome a brand new resident into its giraffe herd on Wednesday [28 February].

Dume, who celebrated his first birthday in January, is being transported by road from his birthplace at Auckland Zoo to Hamilton Zoo.

At Auckland Zoo, Dume has been living with his father, Zabulu and his mother, Kay together with an un-related enclosure-mate named Rukiya. Upon relocating to Hamilton Zoo, Dume will meet two older brothers Ndale and Jambari and half-brother Masamba for the first time.

Leisure Facilities manager Jason Rogers says Dume will be a welcome addition to the zoo's giraffe family.

"It's a great pleasure to be welcoming Dume to Hamilton Zoo and into our existing giraffe herd, particularly as he already has some close family linkages here. Dume joins the zoo's current bachelor herd of five which allows for improved animal enrichment opportunities. An important part of young male giraffes' development of social skills in the wild is challenging their place in the herd. Dume will be the youngest in the Hamilton Zoo herd and will no doubt enjoy socialising and playing with the older boys, particularly his relatives.

"Dume's transfer from Auckland Zoo provides a great example of zoos working in partnership with each other to ensure all species have ample space and social opportunities within their environments. Three of our rhino will be transferring to Auckland Zoo in April. In exchange, we will receive a male rhino from Auckland Zoo who is unrelated to our animals at Hamilton Zoo, which will enable us to continue our rhino breeding programme."

Mr Rogers says it should only be a few days before Dume joins his herd on display to zoo patrons.

"As soon as Dume has had a chance to settle in and get acquainted with his new herd, they will all be placed together and visitors to the zoo will be able to meet him."

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