Water Treatment Plant upgrade completed


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12 February 2007

Council has progressed its commitment to future-proofing the city as a $22 million upgrade of Hamilton's Water Treatment Station is now complete.

In 2003 Council commissioned GHD, an independent professional services company, to produce a 20-year plan for the Water Treatment Station. The upgrade is a critical component of the 20-year plan and addresses issues of taste and odour, toxin management and operational capacity for the city's water supply.

The impetus behind the upgrade was three-fold. Firstly increased algae levels in the Waikato River have impacted directly on the taste and odour of Hamilton's drinking water. Secondly, increased city growth and development have further necessitated an upgrade to provide greater capacity and improved treatment processes. Thirdly, an upgrade was required to align the city's water supply with changes to the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards.

United Group was awarded the construction contract and began work in January 2005.

Highlights of the upgrade include: the fitting of six GAC (granulated activated carbon) filters for taste and odour removal and toxin management; installation of a UV (ultra-violet) disinfection system, and upgraded chemical dosing systems for improved control and health and safety; refurbishment of existing sand filters; improved automation, control and electrical systems; and installation of a wash water tank to increase capacity and efficiency.

General manager Works and Services Sally Davis says the upgrade is a significant project that provides improved capacity to meet Hamilton's future water demand together with several immediate benefits.

"The Water Treatment Station Upgrade is a significant milestone in future planning for Hamilton. The city now has a state-of-the-art water treatment plant with sufficient capacity to meet the city's water demand until 2016.

"Along with improved capacity, the upgrade has also addressed immediate concerns regarding Hamilton's water supply. Hamiltonians should no longer experience taste and odour issues with their drinking water when there are high algae levels in the Waikato River. The improved filtering and treatment processes protect against the risk of algal toxins entering the water supply and the upgraded plant also provides advanced protozoa protection in the form of UV disinfection. We are delighted that the project has been successfully completed within budget."

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