High demand for city water


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9 January 2007

Hamilton has had its biggest demand on water for more than two years during the last few days and city residents are being urged to adhere to water restrictions.

Residents returning to the city after holiday breaks are thought to have been responsible for large volumes of water being used late Sunday afternoon and again yesterday.
Water consumption jumped from 56 million litres of water used on 6 January to 77 million litres in the following 24 hours. Usage for Monday was 75 million.
Water and waste water plants manager Tim Harty says while reservoirs are being topped up during the night, the extra strain on the city's water supply can result in pressure drops in some areas. Increased velocity of water movement through pipes can also mean sediment being disturbed with resulting water discolouration.
To help manage the peak water demands, Hamilton City Council has again introduced the alternate day water-sprinkling ban will be in place until the beginning of March. This ensures water is provided for everyone, and at reasonable cost.
Householders should only use sprinklers, including irrigation systems, on alternate days. Households with even street numbers can use sprinklers (including irrigation systems) on even numbered days and households with odd street numbers on odd numbered days.
Residents are also encouraged to water their gardens only in the early morning or cool of the evening, when watering is more effective and damage to plants will not occur from burning of leaves. Handheld hoses can be used at anytime.
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