Further 40km/h speed limits for Hamilton


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26 February 2014

From 1 March, a further ten ‘safer speed’ areas will be rolled out in residential neighbourhoods throughout Hamilton.

Safer speed areas are residential areas that have a 40km/h speed limit at all times of the day and night.

The new areas include: Mardon/Insoll, Holland, Woodstock, Melville, Tui/Minogue, Clarkin, Claudelands, Enderley, Berkley and parts of the Central City.

The areas were chosen because of the crashes that have occurred in these areas and in response to resident requests.

As well as reducing the speeds, other minor road safety works such as the installation of pedestrian crossings and pedestrian islands will also take place.

The change in speed limits are a result of extensive consultation around the Hamilton Speed Limit Bylaw which took place in July last year. This bylaw sets speed limits on all roads under Council control.

For Operations Team Leader Robyn Denton, it is the combination of reducing the speed limit and other physical works that ensure Council can make our streets safer for everyone.

“Whether you are a motorist, cyclist or pedestrian, it is important that we can all use the city’s roads efficiently and safely.”

“Often speeds of 50km/h are too dangerous for residential areas and reducing the limit by only 10km can reduce the chance of a fatality by 40%”.

The Safer Speed Areas were first introduced in Hamilton in 2011 as part of a national road safety initiative aimed at making urban streets safer. Once this latest round of work is completed, Hamilton will have 36 Safer Speed Areas around the city.

Council sets speed limits on all city roads except state highways which are controlled by New Zealand Transport Agency. The bylaw is enforced by the police.                                                                                                                                                           

To check out the detailed plans for each area, visit www.saferspeedarea.org.nz



Name:            Robyn Denton
Designation:   Network Operations Team Leader, City Transportation
Tel (Direct):    07 838 6910
Mobile:           021 971 127
Email:             robyn.denton@hcc.govt.nz

Name:             Natalie Palmer
Designation:   Communication Advisor
Tel (Direct):     07 838 6481
Mobile:            021 834 245
Email:              natalie.palmer@hcc.govt.nz

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