Fluoride back for Hamilton - Council backs the community response


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27 March 2014

Hamilton City Council today voted 9-1 to recommence fluoridation of the City's water supply.

Mayor Julie Hardaker, in support of the decision, said that over 40,000 people had given their views to the Council through the submissions, referendum, public forums, direct communication and the process with the Waikato District Council residents who receive the Hamilton City Council’s water supply.

“The overwhelming majority of those wanted the water fluoridated.  The additional information the Council now had before it, which it didn’t have last year, was the outcome of the referendum, where over 24,000 Hamiltonians said they wanted fluoride in the water.”

Mayor Hardaker said, “Councils across New Zealand are going through the same process as Hamilton has been through and I expect it isn’t fully over yet.  I continue to believe this is a matter for the government and the government should make a decision for New Zealand on this issue.  It would save the issue being re-litigated by every council in New Zealand.”

The Hamilton City Council will now recommence fluoridation of the water supply within 6-8 weeks.

Voting for:

  • Mayor Julie Hardaker
  • Deputy Mayor Gordon Chesterman
  • Cr Andrew King
  • Cr Leo Tooman
  • Cr Karina Green
  • Cr Angela O’Leary
  • Cr Rob Pascoe
  • Cr Ewan Wilson
  • Cr Gary Mallett

Voting against:

  • Cr Philip Yeung

Did not take part (following advice from city solicitor):

  • Cr Martin Gallagher

Not present:

  • Cr Dave Macpherson
  • Cr Margaret Forsyth


NAME:                Julie Hardaker
DESIGNATION:  Hamilton Mayor
MOBILE:             021 284 8681
EMAIL:                mayor@hcc.govt.nz


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