Maintenance work scheduled for Anglesea Street


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A section of one of Hamilton’s busiest CBD streets will have a new more modern look and feel after much-needed maintenance and renewals work is completed.

To coincide with work to be undertaken by WEL Networks, Hamilton City Council has brought forward beautification and scheduled maintenance on the section of Anglesea Street between Collingwood Street and Knox Street.

The work, scheduled to begin on 3 August, will see replacement of damaged kerb and channel and new footpaths, says Community General Manager Lance Vervoort.

“Over time, the growth of Mexican ash tree roots has caused of damage to some of our important assets on this section of Anglesea Street,” Mr Vervoort says. “We need to repair the footpath and the kerbs before the situation worsens and presents more of a risk to path users.”

The Mexican ash trees which currently line the street will be removed, and replaced with Upright hornbeams, a species more appropriate for urban environments and which will be planted with a root guard so the current damage does not re-occur.

Combining Council’s work programme with the WEL Networks work will limit the disruption to motorists who use one of the city’s busiest streets, Mr Vervoort says.

“It’s sensible for both organisations to work on the same site at the same time. If the weather is favourable, this work will be completed by the end of September,” he says.

Mr Vervoort says the work, when completed, will reflect Council’s vision of a safer and more attractive CBD.

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